Work Confessions

Married Coworker

I share an office with this guy at work named Daniel. He's married and has a 2 year old kid who is just the cutest thing...he shows me pictures and videos all the time. We get along amazingly for spending 8 hours a day every day basically alone together, always talking and laughing about anything. He's really cute, sweet and FUNNY but the fact... [more]

Bosses Daughter

I'm a male black that's a police officer in a small town in the midwest. Every year my captain has a party for all the staff at his house just to thank us for our hard work throughout the year. He has three daughters 19, 20 and 24. They are all very cute Irish girls. The twenty year old is very liberal and the prettiest out of the three. At the... [more]

Fucking the boss

Me and my wife love sex and it turns her on when i come home with pussy on my cock. she loves to lick and suck it clean. we have done this for quite some time. she loves knowing im fucking other women and bringing her my dirty cock. she loves being totaly dominated. latey i have been fucking my boss. i am going to tell my wife tonight and see how... [more]

Coworker fun

I work in a restaurant. We all talk dirty and mostly it's just in fun. Well tonight after work we all went across the street for some drinks and pizza. Afterwards, a girl I flirt with a lot asked me to go home with her. I told her I wanted to but couldn't stay all night as I am married. So we went back to her house and fucked till probably 3 am... [more]

I breached my code of ethics today..

I am a licensed massage therapist. I have been seeing this particular client for a couple of months now and he always gets a raging erection every time I touch him for the entire massage. Today I was so aroused watching his erection jump and flex, I grabbed a hand towel and put it beside him and sat in my chair and rubbed his neck while I put... [more]

Working over

I asked my boss one day if he needed anything else done before I left for the day and he mumbled something I could to hear. I told him I did not hear all of what you said and stuck my head in is door. I was 24 at the time and single and usually saw him throughout the day getting glimpses of me. He never asked me out but was always paying attention... [more]

Fingering a married co-worker

I work at a government office and for the past 5 years I have been fingering the sectratary of the front office to our director. She is married and has been for 20+ years and I'm married as well for almost 40 years. Yes I'm a little older than her but she loves being fingered every time she visits my office. She wears slacks or jeans just about... [more]

I went too far...

I am a sex therapist. I never thought I'd do something so stupid, something that could potentially mean I'd lose my license. I had been treating this married couple who had been coming to me for about 4 months, to deal with the underlying reasons for their sexless marriage. The husband is very attractive, he kind of reminds me of the porn star... [more]

Co-worker Masturbating in a Meeting

Six of us were in the conference room sitting around the table having our morning production meeting. One of the younger female coordinators was seated to my right and the table was situated in such a way that the wall was beside her on her right side. A few minutes into the meeting, she slightly angled the back of the chair towards the wall so... [more]

Doing what is best for business

I went to a business party with my boss. There were several potential clients there. We had dinner and drank throughout the night. There was a live dj and people were dancing. He told me to dance with a few of them. Just use my charm. I'm not saying I'm drop dead gorgeous, but I'm ok. I'm about 5'3, 140lbs, blonde hair, green eyes. I have been... [more]

This woman I work with

The way this woman dresses and comes to work would tell anyone she's maybe a little nuts. I went to her work area to drop off paperwork. I could not help noticing her nipples were sticking out, I mean really protruding, they were very long. I could not stop looking at them, she was turning me on. She caught me looking, she didn't say a word all... [more]

Girl next door

I am in an office next to a married woman who turns me on. One time when we were on a business trip together we ended up kissing and fondling. We were both a little drunk at that time and it hasn't repeated. I have wanted it to but it hasn't.
Fast forward a year and change and we have started this thing where we hug each other in the... [more]

My friend on the job and me too

I fuck a guy I work with on the floor of my office as often as I can. I'm married and just disgusted with my husband and his sexless life. He refused to fuck me so I like this guy at work, it's never a problem for him to eat me or fuck me. I went home with his cum all over me once. I suck him off and swallow it wishing my husband catch me at that... [more]

Business trip

I went on a business trip overseas and there was about 20 or so people going from different departments in our company. We all had dinner together and most of us were staying at the same hotel. I am in my 50's, upper management and most of the time I think pretty straight. I have known this woman, I will call Lisa, for about ten years, she was... [more]

I blow my boss on the regular.

Not sure what to say. I found out he had never had a girl blow him, as he was raised super religious and never got around to getting it around. He's super shy, cute. I love giving him head, it's so cool how much he appreciates it, and I swallow every time, which I never did for my ex. Also find the reversal really interesting, as I am ten years... [more]

Gave a handjob for a bigger tip

So I work as a waitress, and one late night we were close to closing down but still had a few stragglers still inside. When I went to check on a lone man in one of the booths in the back, kind of hidden behind this giant fish tank we have. And he had certainly had a lot to drink, I know cause I was the one bringing him drinks most of the... [more]

This lady was sex crazy

I work for a plumbing company. I get to see how people live, some neat, clean and organized others are slobs. My boss sent me to a house with a clogged toilet, the woman said her husband tried to unclogg it but it only works a few times and its clogged up again. These people were slobs, the house was trashed. I now know I have to remove the toilet... [more]

I'm sleeping with my intern.

I'm 42 SWF living in D.C. and I've been having sex with my 20 yo intern from GW for almost a year. At the beginning of fall semester he moved in with me to save 1000 a month rent. My main rule is he has to stay naked when there's no guests. Maybe an apron if he's making dinner. When I go overseas for work I have him Skype me twice a day to... [more]

Amazing Sex at work but he is married

Ok so where to begin im 26 years old and divorced and have had a bad run of bad relationships and have went long time frames without sex. However the truth is i love sex, i am a very sexual person but i always keep it under control no random stuff. . .well i work in a place with mostly men there is only one other women who works there. My office... [more]

An Honest Question For The Ladies

A couple hours before the end of my shift last night my supervisor called me into her office. I am a production coordinator and one of her assistants. Every night before our shift ends, we have a short meeting, usually in a conference room with four or five others, to review quotas, shipping schedules and to go over anything that we have to pass... [more]

Embarrassing confession

I have an unusual embarrassing tail to tell. Not sure if anyone will really understand it - not sure I do really.
I'm a straight divorced guy with a decent job and have been totally sent into a spin.
It happened about 8 months ago when we got a new general manager. At first he seemed OK and we got on well. He seemed to like the job my... [more]

I want to sleep with a married coworker, and I think she does too

There's this gorgeous girl I work with that's been married for a couple years I think. The typical super hot girl in high school you couldn't even talk to because you were so nervous, only both of us are years past high school. We flirt and talk and every so often we get a little more detailed than a married woman and a single guy should. She's... [more]

Wife being propositioned by men at work...some with my help

I sent some graphic emails to my wife on her personal email at work regarding her in extramarital situations, not realizing the possibility some guy would get access and read them somehow. Graphic stories, pics, vids, captions, some I'd written specifically involving her. Whether she left the email "always on" or left it open intentionally for her... [more]

Girl Next Door Update

We hug every morning now and my hand is all over her butt. I'm not shy about how I touch her either. Both cheeks, I slide it in between her crack, reach under and can feel her mound. No sex but she can feel my hard cock against her stomach every morning.
She told me that she looks forward to our morning hug and that she has had a dream of me... [more]

Trouble at First Day of Work

Ok so this has bothered me for a while and i feel like i need to get this secret off my chest, and out from underneath the table.
I am 24, and i got my first job a couple of years ago. However my first day wasnt very normal. I sucked off the manager on my first day, and im not even gay or anything. I just had this feeling of wanting him that i... [more]

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