Is it wrong to cheat?

I am in a committed relationship since the past one year. We are going steady and if everything goes well we might as well be married by this time next year. I love her a lot and we do have a lot in common, the intimacy is good too.

Lately, however, I have been having feelings about cheating. I dont know how right or wrong that is. I still love her and I still want to be with her for life. I guess it's just the thrill of doing something taboo excites me. She on the other hand is very traditional and would never be open to having an anything even close to an open relationship.

Now there is another lady staying in my building who I find hot. She is married and has 3 kids but amazingly is still in very good shape! So I find her very attractive and would not mind having a fling on the side with her. It seems that she too is interested in me that way.

I have two questions here. I love my girlfriend a lot and dont intend to break up with her at all. Is it wrong to act on my feelings (or should I rather say lust?) for the other woman? Is it wrong even to think about it this way?

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  • Yes its wrong to cheat but given the average length of today's marriage not like it use to be. Being a guy your different that a women your cock loses its gusto by mid 40's. I gave everything in my marriage and never cheated having many chances over the years. My wife ended up having an affair now months from 50 I kick my self in the head. Better with a married or someone in a serious relationship to cheat with. Then your both on the same page it's about sex nothing more. Don't take my advice as a good idea make up your own mind kid.

  • Are you seriously asking this question? Yes, it's wrong to cheat. If it wasn't wrong it wouldn't be called cheating.

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