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Any suggestions on how to go about revealing my sexual past to my wife? We have been married 15 years and have discussed past sex briefly, but the more we are together, the more i feel i can reveal to her, but i dont want her to be hurt over anything that happened before i met her. I love to hear of her past, but really want to tell her more, but dont want her thinking i have been hiding anything. Any help you can give would be great.

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  • Don't do it. I know it's a guy impulse to want to know/share that kind of information about yourself as well as get info about/from your spouse, but it isn't good.

    I was married 12 years when I mentioned to my wife that before we met, when I was 19, me and a friend tag-teamed a pregnant college girl at a party while people watched. I swear my wife just about threw up and sent us to marriage counseling right then and there. She thought I was disgusting. Didn't talk to me for days.

  • You should tell her nothing that would hurt her, what would be the point. the truth, forget that

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  • No woman in her right mind wants to hear about your past. Praise her, hold her and tell her she’s the best thing that has ever happened to you. I’ve been there and it did no good. We decided to tell each other about our past lovers and knowing it makes me wonder why she wouldn’t ever do the things she did with her past lovers with me. I doubt any good would come out of it

  • Sure, tell her you're a trans and you used to be a street walker named Suzie.

  • Dick

  • Хуи с гоы(a penis from the mountains)

  • No good usually comes of it. Shut up while your ahead.

  • Keep your past to yourself or you will suffer

  • Tell her you liked to suck cock and get fucked

  • Asshole

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