Armpit Fetish

I don't know why but recently I've developed a bit of an armpit fetish, from a voyeuristic point of view. When I see a woman in public raise her arms and expose her armpits, I get turned on. It's like she's exposing an intimate and private part of her body, almost like she's opening her legs for me. Ladies, when you raise your arms and expose your armpits in public, do you feel exposed, or vulnerable, or sexy? Or do you think nothing of it? Just wondering...

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  • Love my girls armpits and love licking them when we make love. She loves it as well. Once in a blue moon I will ask her to not shave them for a while and let them grow in. In fact I'm asking her to not to today now that this has come up. Has to be in the winter anyway.

  • Went camping with family and friends 2 weeks ago and was totally turned on by the females hairy. sweaty armpits! i struggled keeping erections at bay

  • I love when girls have smooth looking armpits, like Avril Lavigne - she has the most beautiful hot little body. would love to kiss and lick one someday.

  • Mmm armpit yesss

  • Nope not at all.

  • Gail Gadot has the best armpits.

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