What’s happened

My girlfriend and I have been on off since dating 5 years ago, when it comes to sex she is one fifth slut, sex between us is amazing, she has fitish with my cum and can’t get enough of it.
Cutting a long story short we broke up again but this time had a brake for 3 months, all previous brake ups have never passed a week.
Now she doesn’t seem as keen to have sex and when we do it’s just vanilla sex, I’m not sure we have ever had just straight sex since meeting each other so something has happened.
Any ideas

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  • I would find it completely amusing to see prince andrew marry kylie minogue actually. and charles marry barbara streisand! it would be rather a funny situation and people would laugh the royals out.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they are not making plans soon to drop a bomb on a few.

    I think it is so funny to see ugly old kylie with a ugly old bastard like andrew and she wanted this all along. kylie minogue is a carry on film girl you know. and a joke, and will make a bigger fool of simple andrew then fergie did cuz she will cheat on him and only marry for that title.

    that is of course unless lady gaga or madonna don't beat her up first. I would laugh to see princess beatrice with jeffree star ! now that would be funny. or a love triangle with some arab male model or jeffrree star and kylie minogue seeing he hated kylie jenner so much that would get his wood up. lol. really these royals should have married more aristocracy pretty rich and women already with a title like look how beautiful catheerine oxenburg is, she played diana she would be a better fit for prince andrew in the first place.

    what funny amusing times lay ahead. !!!!

  • She's a black cock whore now

  • She found a better dick...get over it!!!

  • Guessing you are a Harvard English professor...

  • Gangbanged and she loves it.

  • Well if you have had that many breaks, then why not find someone else. Getting married or staying together won't make it better.

  • Probably because you can’t spell, it’s break not brake.

  • Just make sure you never make a spelling mistake in your life, someone might break sorry brake you!

  • WTF? Go smoke that crack or snort that meth.

  • I don’t touch drugs, what now?

  • She met someone in the break. Now she’s getting dick from some other guy.

  • Ask her what has happened.

  • What are the other four fifths?

  • Also slut.

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