Shared my girlfriend with a Stranger!

We were on our way home from the Mall , and it was just getting dark out , I dared Glenda to take her pants off & Masturbate as I drove!
Off they came,Glenda layed the seat back and was playing with her pussy!
I asked her do you want to be seen by a trucker? Glenda took her top & Bra off! We were coming up on a truck , Glenda looked up as we pulled along side of him, I turned on the inside lights , The trucker got a good look! Glenda stuck her ASS up in the air and was going for my Cock! She sucked me GOOD!
We took the exit close to home , but instead turned towards town! Glenda asked if I wanted her to suck a strangers Cock! I told her YES! PLEASE!
I pulled under a street light by a pizza shop! A guy came out and was walking our way ,Glenda didn't cover up! My lil' Slut was Horny!
The guy walked past ,he didn't see her! I asked was you really going to do it?
Glenda said I knew you were just kidding!
I pulled out and drove down a few blocks ,There he was! I told her last chance! I'll do him ! I'll let him cum in me! I beeped the horn, he walked over to see Glenda Nude! Glenda said my man wants to watch me Fuck you!
He got in the back seat ,she climbed into the back too!
I looked back & saw him fingering her! I headed home !
I looked back Glenda was sucking his cock! I pulled in ,Glenda jumped out nude & ran to the house! I thought she chickened out!
Glenda was spread on the couch waiting for him!
She rode his cock, got off and had him fuck her doggystyle!
He came in her pussy ,I watched as it ran down her legs!

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  • Glenda? What a turn off of a name. Couldn't you pick a better name than that?... Glenda.... instant boner killer

  • Shared my wife with 13 guys was great

  • I think that's hot, would like to do that with my wife !!! Wanna chat about it and exchange photos?

  • Yes let chat even better email me

  • There's something about watching your wife taking another man's cock! And to see his jizz oozing out of her pussy , knowing she let him cum in her!

  • She wasn't my wife, but I once hooked up with a chick after she had been with my buddy. At first she was tentative, but once she realized I didn't care she was already used she really encouraged me to lick her "dirty" pussy and make her cum. I will never forget the globs that flowed from her when her orgasms hit.

  • I agree sloppy seconds are great

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