Why so much fake noise?

What's up with women that scream and moan excessively during sex? I banged a chick last week that sounded like she was getting hit over the head with a tire iron. My cock is only 6 inches long, and not very wide, and she's shit 3 kids out of that baby cannon, so I know damned well she barely felt my wang, and it certainly wasn't hurting her. Maybe they're watching too much porn or something, most women I've been with aren't that vocal, maybe a few quiet gasps and moans when they orgasm, but I really hate fake moaning.

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  • It sure can be annoying.

  • Stop watching fake porn movies! They make the women scream because it turns men on.

  • Yeah, it really doesn't turn me on, but maybe I'm just strange. If I want to hear a woman scream, I'll watch her over the head with a brick.

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