Before college

I'm not proud of how I accomplished sex with the neighbor lady, but it worked.

I was an 18 year old virgin. I was home schooled and never had a social life. I grew up on a farm in the middle of Podunk Nebraska, unfortunately I still live in Podunk. Other than my parents farm, there was one couple who loved down the road about a half mile. The rest was nothing but fields for miles, and a small swimming river. I was an only child. Other than an imaginary friend here and there, and the barnyard animals, I was pretty much left to my own. Needless to say, puberty was a bitch.

I often times found myself either at the swimming hole, or riding my bike to the neighbor's house just to talk with someone other than my parents. They were a young couple. He had inherited his family farm with a 100 or so acres of land. Not much different from my parents. She was a banker and a cory girl. She married her husband straight out of college and not long after, moved to the farm. Often times she was alone, just like my mother. The men were always in the field, either working their own land, or helping others.

I started hanging around Mrs. Branson when I was 16. By then they had lived in the house for well over a year. I would ride my bike down and help her with yard work or whatnot. My dad wanted me to help on the farm instead. I had NO interest in being a farmer and couldn't wait for the day to move to the city. So each day I would go down the road and visit Mrs. Branson.

Like any teenage boy, I had the hots for women, my age, milf, it didn't matter, and like most teen boys, I started flirting with Mrs. Branson. At first it was innocent flirting, but as time went on, it advanced to more grab ass and out right asking to have sex. Mrs. Branson chalked it up to teenage hormones, and never said anything about it to her husband or my parents. So each day I would spent half of the day fucking around with the neighbor lady who was running up on 30 years old.

By the time I was 18, I couldn't wait to move off and start my life. I had applied to several colleges and was accepted to Georgetown. The summer couldn't end fast enough, but still every day I rode down to Mrs. Branson's house and did my daily flirting, I mean daily assistant with whatever needed done. She was proud of me going to college and wanted to help me get ready. She gave me all the in's and out's of college life. I was ready.

On the second to the last day before I was to leave for Georgetown, I stopped by to say my final good bye to Mrs. Branson. She was emotional to say the least. I had only planned to stop and say goodbye, then turned and started to walk out when she said wait. I turned around to see this woman I had been flirting with for a couple years now, standing there with her shirt pulled up and her bare tits exposed to me. I couldn't believe what was seen. For so long I had tried to catch a glimpse down her shirt or catch a cheap feel. Now with out warning and not expecting it, she was showing me her goods in full view.

I didn't know what to say and just stood there with my mouth opened. As if I couldn't have been shocked anymore, the next words out of Mrs. Branson's mouth would rock my world. She simply asked If I wanted to have sex before I left.


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  • I would love to hear more

  • Tell us more

  • Did you say, "Oh how I wish this could have happened even a week ago, but I really do have to get going?"

  • Story incomplete. Waiting for part two.

  • So what was the sex like with her?

    Why aren't you proud? Are you ashamed?

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