Waking up with neighbors

I woke up and the room was dimly lit with the sunrise, I was about to ask my husband how much I had to drink last night when I realized I was in bed with two people. One was my neighbor Shelly and the other was her husband, I had no clothes on and was between them, I could feel her breasts against my back as I started to roll over.
I crawled over and got off the bed, none of the clothes on the floor were mine so I just grabbed a shirt and put it on. The rest of the house was in pretty good shape actually and I walked to the back door not know what to expect at my house. I walked around the pool and thru the gate to our yard then into the house. I quietly walked down the hallway to my bedroom prepared to see a few people including my husband in the bed, I was pleasantly surprised to only find him in bed. I slipped off the shirt and crawled into bed with him.
When I woke up again later that morning I was alone, I laid there wondering if I had dreamt the whole thing about waking up at Shelly's house. The borrowed shirt on the floor cleared that up for me so I decided that a shower was a good idea. I stood in the bright lights of the bathroom waiting for hot water staring at myself in the mirror, I had a few hickey marks on my chest and I definitely had the feeling in my legs and vagina that I had some pretty fun sex last night.
I let the water run down my head for a few minutes praising the feelings it was giving me, that is just such a wonderful sensation for me. I finished up in the shower and headed out to the kitchen, coffee was made and I noticed that Bryan, my husband, was over at Shelly and Mark's house sitting out on the patio by the pool. I decided to wander over and get a recap of what was for sure a night I could not remember.


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  • Simply beautiful story

  • I thought it was going to be good

  • Zzzzzzz

  • ? And.....well???

  • Wow, I wish those fat old chicks from the tv show drangons den would get undressed and plucker up in some porn or relish rapeporn for a change then the usuals.

  • I hope you had a good time, but I would rather hear what happened.

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