Do you think your wife or girlfriend ever cheated on vacation?

A lot of girls will definitely cheat when they are away from home without their partners, especially on vacation, as no one knows them there.

I worked in Kavos a few years ago and as I would make my way back to my apartment at the end of my shift, it was not uncommon to see a drunken girl entertaining groups of men on the beach at night, I have even joined in myself and the girls are definitely up for it.

I have seen attractive looking girls fuck several strangers on the beach, or go back to an apartment with a group of guys they meet in the bars, knowing they will all want to share in the action.

I am sure they will all go back home to their boyfriends and co-workers with nice innocent pictures taken around the pool and no mention of what else happened whilst they were away. The locals always say “what happens in Kavos, stays in Kavos”

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  • I spent a week one summer visiting an old college friend out of state. I stayed with her and her bf. My husband couldn't get the time off, and wasn't into it anyway since he had never met my friend. He stayed home.

    One afternoon I was tanning with my friend on her deck, while her bf had a couple of guy friends over to watch a game. They came out and had drinks with us, and the sexual tension was palpable. I connected lower "puzzle pieces" with two of the guys that afternoon on the deck (not my friend's bf), but what went down definitely stayed there. My husband never found out and never will.

  • What happens in Jamaica stays there.
    To wild of a vacation to even tell about on here. just a bit it was the wildest two weeks of my life now I'm home and have to behave myself.

  • I hope my virgin fiancée cheated, when she was on vacation. As a cuckold, you can probably figure out what I hope happened.

  • I know I cheated last month when I was down in San Diego, California. Not with just one but five sailors who were shipping out the following day for Korea. and they filled all of my holes several times over.

  • Glad you support our military

  • Agreed. Lets hear it!

  • FUCK, now that sounds like a hot story. Please share how you met them and more detail of what happened.

  • I know that my wife had cheated when her and her sisters went on a sister vacation to Florida. She called me the next morning crying and told me about it

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