No idea what title to give just read!

These are the only details I have for this story, it happened a long time ago and it’s something I will never forget.
I tagged along with a few people from the pub to a house party.
My friend knew one of the people that was going to the party.
At the party hanging about in the kitchen saying hello and making small talk.
I soon needed the toilet that was upstairs, 3 people in front of me waiting, I started chatting the the lady in front of me, she was a mature redhead and very slim.
I could tell she was a little drunk as she was touchy-feely towards me.
The queue moved and she was next, I can remember her taking ages and when she opened the door she called me in with her finger, she shut the door dropped to her knees and started undoing my trousers, after sucking my cock to rock hard she put one foot on the toilet lip and pulled her dress up.
I was straight in her, fucking her as fast as I could, as soon as I said I’m cumming she turn around and sucked my cock dry job done!
I’m back in the kitchen and the woman I’ve just fucked came in holding a blokes arm, hiya she said to me, she then said to the bloke she was with, darling this is the man I was chatting too, I said hello and thought this is a bit fuck up.
A bit later I spoke to her on her own, I said who was that bloke, she said my husband!

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  • Ah another red head and most likely a Irish lass which we all know they love to fuck and god they fuck like minx, can't get enough... :-)

  • Good going

  • You can't pass up a hot ginger wanting to fuck. There firecrackers!!!!

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