What a lousy night

The wife and me joined a swingers forum, within a couple of months of joining a meeting was posted for our area, being new to the site we were looking at all profiles that had names down to attend and thought, maybe this is not for us, this all seems very professional and we have never done anything on this level.
After talking we both agreed to go, nervous and excited as this will be our first time swinging with strangers, in the past it’s been with people with have known or been recommended.
We all met at a restaurant, 7 couples in total, after the restaurant it was on to a hotel room that had been booked.
In the room it took ages for anything to start happening.
3 couples didn’t participate, that left me and the wife and 3 other couples, eventually some touching went on, I’m busy with one lady and my wife has two men and one woman touching her, I was pleased thinking my wife is gonna get some good sex tonight.
As things progressed my wife is now being penetrated, we had a cheeky look at each other and smiled, that was my cue to start fucking, no sooner as I’ve just started fucking this woman the bloke fucking my wife has pulled out and cum, the second bloke started on the wife, I’m slamming away and watching my wife, waiting for my wife to give me my cue to cum and the second bloke who has only just put his cock in my wife is cumming over her back.
What a lousy night of sex, I’m not blowing my own trumpet but the two guys didn’t have a good fuck between them, the two blokes and wife’s sat together talking.
My wife didn’t even get one orgasm, on the way home the wife said to me, no one can fuck like you can, you are the best, which put a big smile on my face.
We’ve not swinged since, it’s still in us but not bothering anymore.

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