Lesbian I don’t think so

My girlfriend friend is a lesbian, my girlfriend said her friend has always been with the same sex and she’s never known her to have been with a bloke.
I can now say differently! I’ve never spoke of this for obvious reasons.
Two months ago I was out on the drink, before getting drunk I saw my girlfriend lesbian friend in the same bar, had a quick chat then got on the drink with my mates.
End of the evening, as planned I was drunk!
I remember my girlfriend friend helping me and all I can remember after that was waking up on her sofa.
I got myself a drink and went into her room, I apologised and thanked her at the same time, I sat on her bed and started chatting, after about 10 minuets my head was still spinning so I laid down, next I know I’m awake in the spooning position, I have a rock hard cock and I start gentle pushing it into her, I’m still fully dressed, as I continue pushing myself into her I’m getting feedback from her pushing her arse into me.
I’ve undone my jeans letting my cock ping out, I pull the back of her pjs and knickers down and with a bit of fiddling around I’m in! She is now sticking her ass right into me letting me go nuts deep, every hard thrust I did she squeaked, I was holding onto her getting faster and harder, I said I was gonna cum, she tightened up inside and took my load, I stayed inside her with my cock twitching, I could feel her pussy gripping.
After awhile when I was soft she got up and went straight to the bathroom, I went to the kitchen and when she came in she offered me a drink, I said I best get going.
To this day nothing between us has ever been said.

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