No thanks

Three years ago I was buying and selling a lot of cars, I traded mainly with a local dealer, I would take the cars he didn’t want on his forecourt.
Chatting with him one day and he said, I’m going to a party Friday not far from where you live you should come, be a few other traders there you might be able to drum up some business.
Forgot all about the party until I got a text, I said I might drop by, see how my evening goes.
I did turn up late into the evening and everyone was drunk and on the white stuff, it was impossible to have a conversation with anyone.
I was thinking about leaving and I heard cheering for the other room, went to see what was going on and this bloke was fucking this girl while everyone was cheering.
He was fucking her doggy, while he was doing that another bloke got his dick out and put it at the girl face, she was on it sucking away, the bloke fucking her cum over her back, the bloke being sucked off now took over from the other bloke fucking her, as each bloke cum another took over, I saw seven blokes fuck her.
I week ago I was in Starbucks and I saw this girl and thought where do I know her from, as she was leaving I said excuse me, I know you’re face but can’t put a name to it, after a few minutes it was clear she didn’t know me at all.
Then I thought no it can’t be, she was about to go out the door and I shouted out, did you go to a party about three years ago in Sherwood Road, she walked back and said do I know x yes I said buy a few cars from him, she said I don’t remember seeing you, I said if I’m right I think you was busy, oh she said.
She sat down and said not one of my best moments, I said you looked like you was enjoying yourself.
Ok she said, what is it you want, what do you mean I said, what do you want to keep quiet do you want to fuck me as well.
No thanks I said and left.

6 days ago

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    • I would have fucked her. I married my wife having watched her take on over ten guys at a frat party while we were in college. I kept asking her out and she kept saying no since she knew that I had seen all of them fuck her. I told her that I wanted to date her. She told me that she wouldn't have sex with me until we got married since she thought that I only wanted her since she was easy. All the while that we dated she had sex with other guys and I waited until our wedding night to lose my virginity. She told me that I was about the 50th guy that had fucked her. We have been married over 45 years and I have never fucked another woman but my wife has had around 50 more guys.

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