What have I got myself into

The wife and I have two good friends, they are both going through divorce and it’s been hard to help because of the friendship.
I’ve been trying to help both of them but it’s gone in the direction of being more supportive towards her.
She called me in tears, I said I will meet, still to this day I don’t know the reason for her being so upset that day as the conversation changed so many times.
The only thing I do remember is by the end of the evening we are having sex.
A bit awkward for the next few days between us but things soon got back to where we left off having sex again.
She and I both know this was so wrong but we just couldn’t stop having sex every time we met.
I have a beautiful wife that I love very much how can I stop having sex with her.

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  • What have you got yourself into? An affair which is going to blow everything up including your marriage. You don't have a choice other than to shut this down.

  • Punch yourself in the face six times daily.

  • Get her pregnant?

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