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I'm a 15 year old boy, and I'm always extremely horny, but I'm submissive. All I want to be is dominated so badly, at this point idc if a pedo fucks me as long as I'm getting fucked. So if anyone wants to arrange something like that, I don't mind what gender or which age, leave like a Kik username below, or just any means of contacting you. But that's not the question, because I don't want the truth going out about me so how do I pleasure myself?? I want to be able to finger myself, fist myself, put things up my ass but I have no lube, I don't know what's safe or not, I can't get dildos. How can I pleasure myself as a submissive without a second person, is the question. Again if you want to be that second person but a way of contacting below and we'd negotiate further, but yeah how do I because I'm always horny

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  • #1: It sounds like you might be gay, which, although isn't illegal, is a mortal sin, and will land your soul in Hell for all eternity. #2: As a 15 year old, attempting to solicit sexual content on the internet, or anywhere else, is against the law. #3: This site, and many others like it, are monitored by the FBI in an effort to track and arrest pedophiles and other sexual criminals. If I was you, I would immediately destroy your computer or whatever device you used to post on this site. Bash it to pieces with a hammer, then set it on fire, otherwise the Feds will come knocking on your door, and you will find yourself behind bars, learning just how fun it really is to be dominated.

  • Hell doesn't exist, there's no proof so continue what you're doing

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