The blinds were open just enough

One Saturday I had a guy from the geek squad come to our house to help fix a problem we had on our computer. My wife had told me the problems she was having and I needed to have him show me how to do some stuff.
Just before he came over I left my wife out on the deck, I wanted to be able to hear the guy when he came and she had some more flower pot's to fill and clean up. From time to time my wife will lay out topless on the deck, know one in the area could see her unless it was dead of winter. As I left, she said she might lay out for a short bit, let me know when you are done with the computer. And close the blind's please.
Once I went in I sat at the computer to get it ready and I looked out the window and saw my wife filling the last pot, So I started to close the blind's, and thought maybe I could leave them open just enough to see outside, but look closed enough that she might still lay out topless. In hope's that he just might catch a glimpse of her when she is laying down.
A moment or two later she came back in the house and into the room I was in. I thought she was coming in to remind me or to close the shade's but she just asked me if I remember what the problem's she had were. I told I wrote it down. She said thank's and went back outside.
The doorbell rang and I brought the guy into the room, He was young maybe mid 20's. I told him what the problem's my wife was having and what I needed some help with.
As he started working his way with the computer I could see my wife was getting ready to lay out, She put down her glass by her chair, and set a magazine along side of it. I looked down to see what he was doing and he was moving much faster than I could and stopped to ask me a question. As he did, he was looking forward waiting for my answer and as she took off her top, I realize that yes, he could tell she was outside, and now topless. He looked at me, I think to see if I notice him looking out the window. As he did, I was looking out the window and then back at him. I just smile and said sorry She was working all morning and lay's out when she get's a chance, and as you can tell topless. He said know, that's ok, I have no problem with that it's her house. I said thank's if you can fix her problem's on this computer, you can look all you want. He said I will be sure to fix the problem's then.
He was at the house for a good 40 minutes, in that time he saw my wife get up to pour another drink and trim a small plant all topless. It was great to see her walk around topless and a hell of a lot of fun for me to watch this guy check her out. I went out
He left, I went out to let her know he was gone and she just asked how it went? I said it was great everything looks real good.

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  • My new neighbor has found that if he is out in the yard on a nice sunny day, he just might be able to see my wife laying out topless,

  • Nice ! I love when my wife is exposed. I do my best to set it up when ever possible.

  • It was great, she was easy to see and he found that I was ok with him looking. It was nice of her to take her top off, and would have been even better if she had taken her short's off. Maybe next time.

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