Can't turn the clocks back

The old saying don't try to fix it if it's not broke , We had been married 20 yrs the kids had grown up and was doing there own thing . Over the years I would ask my wife if she wanted to have sex with anyone else , She would always say no , I suppose things was a little bit stale but not bad between us we was best friends has well has man and wife . Well we booked a holiday to have a nice break from work and relax , I haven't mentioned to her for years about her with someone else it was not even on my mind . Anyway being on holiday with nobody knowing us I talked my wife into going topless , She had never done it before so she was a bit conscious of it . We had found a part of the beach that was quite secluded , We had been there for a hour or so when this guy walked up and spoke to us . My wife immediately covered her self we talked for quite a while , Then he said it's ok I've seen many ladies topless you will have a white patch put your arms down its fine . Then my wife slowly dropped her arms exposing her tits to a stranger , I was very surprised she did that , But also turned on by the way he was looking at her . That evening we had a drink in a bar who should be there the guy on the beach , He came over and talked to us made a stupid comment to my wife that he never recognised her with her clothes on . The way he was looking at my wife you could see he liked her , He would touch her legs or put his arm around her at every opportunity , When we left the bar he shook my hand then kissed my wife , She tried to turn but he kissed her on the lips then held her tight . When we got back to are room it was electric we was both turned on by the situation , During sex I asked her if she wanted to have sex with him for the first time she said do you want me to . In the heat of the moment I said yes then she said ok if that's what you want . We seem to bump into him every day on the beach my wife would not cover herself , In the bar he would have his hands all over her . Two days before we was leaving for home my wife said if you want this to happen we haven't got long , I was shocked so I said do you want too she said I think you need to get this out of your system . I said do you want to if you say yes we will , She paused then said why not . I was not sure nervous feeling sick horny mixed emotions really , That night we got ready to go out my wife looked really slutty not her normal self so I new she was up for it . This night was different he was groping her and saying uncouthed things to her . When the evening came to a close we was going are separate ways you could see my wife was looking disappointed . Then I said would you like to come to are room for a drink , He smiled then said yes we entered the room then he said about time you can watch and enjoy . From that moment the mood changed he told me to sit on the chair and watch and be quiet , He said to my wife take your top off then your bra then your skirt then your knickers leave your shoes on . He stripped naked then told my wife to bend over he kissed and licked her bum then her pussy also her tits it was driving her mad . He put his dick in every hole this went on for over 2 hrs then he finally left . We did not speak much until we was home things was never the same after that so beware what you wish for

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  • It turned you on. We had a guy that had me undress her for him ,told me how to have her dressed ,then had me offer her, it was a hot experience, he had me tell him he could cum in her and everything, then he gave her back and told me to clean her cummed in pussy. i was turned on for sure

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