Wife’s first real affair

Wife and I took each other’s virginity as teens ... later marrying and faithful... at first. We learned that I was not jealous in our second year of marriage when I caught her kissing a friend that we had over for dinner. We were all a bit drunk and I dared them to go further. They did. The next day she was very embarrassed and contrite, blamed it all on the wine. I assured her that I was not only OK with it but really turned on. She said never again. Darn.

About two years later she had returned to school, attending a local community college. She found the whole experience very exciting. A couple weeks into the term, she told me of a guy in her accounting class who invited her for coffee between classes. I asked how it went. She said oh no I didn’t go. I told him I was married and I couldn’t. I said, it is just coffee, if you want to go you should. Just tell me all. Wink. A couple of days later she told me that they had the coffee. Told me all about the guy. Married ,working night shift and lived nearby. I told her it sounded like fun and keep me posted.

They fell into a routine of having coffee between classes on Monday Wednesday and Friday each week. It sounded like their conversations were very innocent but I knew he was looking forward to more. This went on for weeks. One night she tells me that he had asked her out for a drink after school. I said fun! Where did you go? Her response was that she had turned him down because it was too much like a date and she was married. I told her that it didn’t sound like it was much different than having coffee with him so if she wanted to she should go. A couple of days later she told me that they had had that drink. And I could smell the wine on her breath. She was a little flushed and she told me that it really wasn’t any different than coffee except in a darkened booth in the back of an empty cocktail lounge. I asked what they did. She insisted that they had only talked for about an hour but it was an adventure!

The following week I got home at the usual time, about 4:15. I noticed that she was not dressed as casually as she usually was: White Levi’s, powder blue boss flats hair nicely done up make up fresh. Looking good. She told me that Don and asked if she wanted to study for an exam together. I said that sounds good when? Tonight. Oh, are you going to meet him at the library at school? Now she really blushed. No, he wants to study at his house. His wife is away on a business trip. OH, I said. I bet I know but he really wants to study. Her blushing response was maybe. So have fun And tell me all about it when you get home. With that she grabbed her books I was out the door.

I had a quiet if nervous evening. About 10 PM she came in the door. Flushed, hair messed, make up gone and breathing a little bit deeply. And then she proceeded to tell me all from the time she arrived at his house. It seems that they did study for about an hour. And then took a break for wine and cheese. They had moved from the kitchen table to the loveseat for the wine. After she finished her glass of wine he worked up the nerve to lean over and kiss her. She said this was their first kiss ever. She found him to be a really good kisser. She really got into passionately making out and soon his hand was cupping one of her boobs. Maybe it was the wine, but I was really loving it she said. Then he unbuttoned her blouse and slipped a hand inside. She said Soon all of his focus was on my boobs. I had caught him staring at my cleavage many many times over the last several weeks. After he unfastened my bra, I stood up and shrugged off my blouse and bra. He began to suck on my boobs. We did this for quite a while. Then he stood up, took my hand, and let me up the stairs. So here I was walking topless thru this other woman’s house it was very unreal.

While she was telling me the story I was undressing her and had her topless and leading her towards our bedroom. She said that when they got into his master bedroom he got down on his knees in front of her, unbuttoned her Levi’s and pulled the zipper down. Then begin kissing my puss through my panties. After a little of that he pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them and the Levi’s I was now totally naked in his bedroom.

But this time I had her totally naked and in our bedroom as well. And she told me that he gently pushed her back onto the bed I did the same. He then began to eat her. Listening to this I was so in enormously turned on. After a bit of this, she said that she scooted back on the bed and he climbed onto her. In our bedroom I did the same. And as she said he entered her I also entered her. She was so wet and slippery from all his cumm. I did not stroke in here at all yet still had an enormous climax, probably the most intense of my life.

She said that he came in her a total of three times on the bed with lots of making out in between. Then lead her downstairs out the back door onto his patio to a hot tub. Lots of splashing around and then he did her one more time underwater.

She said after this, I dried off, got dressed, kissed good night.. And here I am! She asked if I was sure I was OK with this. I asked what she did she think as I entered her again.

The following week, she told me that Don had driven a camper to school and that they had taken their coffee break in the camper for about two hours. Said that they had rocked that sucker. This became their Monday Wednesday Friday routine for many months. They would meet in the camper and be naked for those two hours. She would often tell me of these adventures. I was disappointed that after a few months she told me she broke it off because she would become bored. As you all can see I was thrilled that she had her first real affair.


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  • Hot. How old was your wife at the time? Was the other guy some real tall hunk or something?

  • She was 23. Sounded like guy was just average horny guy. We fucked like bunnies through her entire affair. I had never been so turned on.

  • My wife and I always have the most sex when she is also fucking another guy. I also get really turned on knowing that she has had another guy between her long legs. After she breaks up with a boyfriend I don't want to have sex with her as often and I encourage her to find a new guy to fuck.

  • Sounds like you and I are wired similarly. Yep, after she broke off this affair, I was encouraging her to find another. She didn’t for a few years, but the memories kept us pretty active. Just knowing how much she liked the extra sex was damned exciting... and nothing was as hot as having had sloppy seconds a few times😉

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