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I'm balls deep up my fiancee's arsehole, granted at her parents home (Ours is being worked on) when Michelle my future mother in law walks in on us.
We separate but Michelle, says "Don't mind me, she looks like she was enjoying it. Mind you so would I with the size of that". My fiancee' doesn't say a word and if anything looks at me like I should flatter her mother with something like "Ok then".
Nothing was said over the next two days, other than my future father in law cutting a sly few words "Your well endowed then" I'm about to answer him as if to say it was ll a mistake, when he adds in "Michelle likes a big un, maybe you should call by when she's on her own".
I didn't know if he was joking, so I said nothing.
We moved back into our place a few days later and my fiancee tells me her mum's on her way round. She says I should keep her mum entertained and happy as she might be an hour or so.
When Michelle, who's very attractive, arrives, I instantly notice she's got on some very revealing clothing. Over the next hour, she does everything but pounce on me, and at one point tells me anal is her most enjoyable sexual act.
I'm just at the point of saying to myself 'fuck it, I'm going to rip her clothes off" When my fiancee walks in.
I get given the 'look' and they go off into the kitchen to 'chat'. It's then I overhear my future mother law say 'I swear he was just going to fuck me' I hear my fiancee respond "Oh well, next time mum, I'm away at the end of January". They laugh and I'm left feeling like a piece of cock meat.
My fiancee is away shortly, and she's just extended her three day girly trip to five. My future father in law will be working up in Aberdeen by then, so I've now discovered Michelle wants me to stay over at theirs.
I'm not saying I wouldn't fuck Michelle , I would in a heart beat. But is this some kind of test. And if it is, why?

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  • It might be a test. You need to tell her mother that the only way you would fuck her is in a threesome with her daughter, that way if your fiancee is involved, it won't be like you were cheating behind her back. Besides, who doesn't want a mother/daughter thteesome?

  • I'd definitely go for it. It sounds like she has a very sharing family. For all you know you finance' has fucked her dad many times.

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