Son work friend, what an experience

I’m a single 41yo mother of one, I had my son when I was 16, his father left when he was three months old.
I’ve had a few relationships nothing long term mainly because of not wanting to upset my son.
The last 6 years I’ve not had any sexual contact, one I don’t have the disposable money to go out to socialise! two I don’t get the time to go out, I work two jobs.
Between my son and I we manage the bills and do ok.
A year ok my son asked if his friend from work could stay for three months, his friend was happy to pay his way so I agreed being it short term.
I met him before staying so he knew a few house rules, that first meeting had me thinking not straight, he was 25 and very mature for his age and very handsome, so handsome I couldn’t think straight!
After three weeks everything seemed to be functioning ok, he was clean and tidy, polite and thoughtful.
After three weeks his work rota changed, meaning he and I are alone from 8pm
The next two months plus became an incredible sexual mental mind blowing experience.
It all started innocently just chatting, both asking questions and telling life stories, then I asked him about his love life, to my surprise he didn’t have much to say.
Each day I would continue asking him about girls trying to get some info from him, he said to be honest I don’t get much attention, I said if you was to get the attention what would you do, he started telling me and it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, I said tell me how you would treat a lady sexually.
He seemed a little embarrassed but slowly started to talk more in detail, I kind of controlled the conversation asking for more detail.
Each night I would ask him to tell me more about his sexual fantasies in detail and each night I was so sexually turned on my knickers were soaked and I could see a wet patch in his trousers.
We both became so comfortable with each other and looked forward too the evenings, I even put a panty pad on to soak up my wetness!
He had me in a trance, on two occasions I had an orgasm without touching myself, other occasions I was so worked up I only had to touch myself and I would be having the most amazing slow shuddering orgasm.
We had no physical contact between us, both of us got off from listening and talking.
Looking back it was a bizarre three months and an experience I will never forget.

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  • Why didn't you ever make it sexual thing with him?

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