Since my husband separated from me, I've been miserable and drinking a lot. I feel pretty ashamed that even when I'm not drinking, I'm pretty much in an alcoholic haze.

When I'm really hungover I also become highly aroused. It's gotten me into bad habits, especially on weekends. On Saturday/Sunday mornings, I roll out of bed massively hungover and craving dick. To remedy this, I've been going to the sports bar down the street and flirting with the guys who gather there to watch the games. I don't even like sports, but I'm always able to find a guy (or two) who is eager to come back to my apartment for sex.

Even yesterday I picked up a couple of guys and we fucked each other's brains out all afternoon. I felt kinda bad that they were married (saw their rings) but fucking guys makes me feel attractive and I like the company. I am so lonely otherwise.

The only bad part is when they leave to go back to their wives. I suddenly feel an emotional crash, and realize that I'm not their lover or even a friend, but just a quick piece of pussy into which they can blow their loads. It makes me feel so empty, and invariably I end up drinking heavily all evening alone. Then the cycle repeats. Life is hell.

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  • Yes you are just a useless pussy that nobody loves but loves to fuck. How does it feel? They leave and you are alone at night, waking up and nobody to hold you. Tell us.

  • Every heard of Tinder or other dating tools? Do that instead.

  • Sweetie, I'm Angie I've been in your shoes. I must have slept with every man that I know. I worked from home mostly, I lost a lot of weight and started getting attention from every man possible except my husband. I slept with his teammates, (bowling) his co-workers, brothers, friends, of his. Then I moved onto my daughters boy friend. Anyone who gave me a compliment, I either dropped to my knees, or spread my legs for. My husband finally divorced me after he found out, kicked me out of the house, I moved in with my son and it started again, bedding his friends. Then I finally got a boy friend, I'm still working from home babysitting. But it was long before I was back to my usual slutivities. When the dads would come pickup their child, into the bedroom we go. I've slept with Everyman I know. When my sister died I moved in with her husband to care for the kids, he's always wanted me, but I never gave him the time or day. Even in his house I was up to my old ways. Bedding his friends, my friends. Then one day on vacation with the kids, we were all alone, talking, enjoying each others company, he turned me down. I've never had a man say no to me. That night I climbed into bed with him and started sucking his dick until he woke, and he threw me out. He told me I was more beautiful when I was fat, it killed me. Then it hit me, no matter where I went, there was always someone there that I had sex with. I'm 46 now. I have a boy toy, but no one who wants me either.

  • Please seek help.

  • Isn't a sore pussy and the taste of cum part of a hangover?

  • What's your number??? I'm buying.

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