45 straight acting guy always spend one weekend a month at the fishing cabin with four friends my age. we fish all day Saturday but Saturday night is always our night of wild sex. We all like drinking and sucking dick and I am the only one in our group that loves anal sex so I always enjoy the gang bang on Saturday nights
All four of them take turns on my ass fucking the hell out of me and shooting their married loads in my married ass. It always happens after we have been drinking a lot and it gets pretty wild most of the time. We are all close friends so we keep it very discrete and have a lot of fun with it. We have been doing this for years.
We all get naked and start out with a good long group suck off then after awhile they all want to fuck so I let them all fuck me in the back room on the bed for starters. It doesn`t stop there and we stay up all night drinking and I let them fuck me as often as they like and we fuck all over the cabin in every position possible. Most of the time I have a big hard dick up my ass and sucking on who ever wants to stick a dick in my mouth.
I get a DP or two every time we get together and we even get in to a little bondage with me tied to the bed face down getting my ass used hard by all of them. I like getting fucked in front of the others and it really feels good to get my ass pounded good and hard then take their big warm loads deep in my ass.
We run around naked drinking and they fuck me in the ass anytime they want to any where they want to. My favorite is tied up out on the back patio late at night when we are all very drunk. I get two dicks up my ass often and it feels great. I am glad that I am the only one that takes it up the ass because I get a lot of attention and having my ass used by four hung men really turns me on. I like to be penetrated and fucked very hard and used like a slut by my buddies and they all enjoy it very much.
We get very kinky and it will go on for hours and it is just very good wild hot sex that I hope never ends.

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  • My best friend came over he lives out of state his wife couldn’t make it out for vacation. We was getting high since pots now legal here just talking he was talking about his wife going thru metaphase. Complaining how they hadn’t done anything in over a year sexually. I said it had been almost a year for me I divorced my wife and had a few hook ups but work didn’t give me time to get out. He asked if I had any porn I said no just watch free porn on lap top. We ended up watching porn on my lap top he suddenly pulled out his cock it was huge. Over 10” long and twice my girth I said your huge he was jacking off. Then he asked how big I was, not that big I said we watched or I watched him jacking off. You wanna compare he asked I was already rock hard and pulled off my jeans and shirt he was already naked. Side by side he then said let’s compare he leaned toward me on the couch and I leaned over rubbing our cocks together. The contrast turned me on your so huge I said gripping his cock, he got up getting between my legs. With my legs over his shoulders he fucked his cock against mine I felt like I was higher than a kite. It wasn’t the pot it was a sexual high we did this for along time my hands rubbing our cocks and balls. I felt my self building up and suddenly squirted several loads he humped faster. Then he squirted several bigger loads I laughed saying you cam allot more than I did. He laughed standing holding up his cock showing his balls. I got allot bigger balls than you that’s why we both laughed. I said how I wonder how my ex would feel fucking him compared to my cock. He asked if I wanted to know how she would feel I could tell what he meant. I shrugged he got hard again back with my legs over his shoulders. He shoved his fat cock up my ass I screamed trying to get away he was to strong and took me. It was about 15 minutes before I started to get use to his cock. While it hurt allot it felt really good never experienced anything so intense

  • Back in my teens me and three of my friends were drinking one Saturday night and we got real drunk ay my house while my parents were out of town and we ended up naked messing around with each other and the dares started and we all sucked each other off.
    Then one of them dared me to let one of them fuck me. I finally said OK but would only do it if no one was watching and me and the one with the smallest dick went to the guest room and he fucked me.
    While he was on top of me fucking my ass in that dark room the other two walked in on us and got on each side of the bed to watch and once the guy on top of me came in me and rolled off another one got on top of me and before the night was over all 3 of them fucked me several times and I enjoyed it every time after I got over being watched.
    Two were average size but the other one was pretty big and didn`t feel so good when he first stuck his dick in me but by morning it was my favorite one. I liked getting fucked so well after they all took a turn on my ass I let them all cum in me the second time and every time after that for the next three years. It was great and I would damn sure enjoy 3 or 4 guys in my ass again now 25 years later.

  • You are living my dream fantasy. I'm 48 male and love anal and to be fucked. To have my ass fucked by a group of guys would be awesome. You are one lucky guy..

  • Man .. I would like to join your group and talk you into sharing some of that hard cock with me. I suck all the cock I can find, but I've never had anal yet. What a great way to start. Any chance you're in Louisiana?

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