Kinda wanted a black dude.

So, my senior year of high school was kind of interesting. I had just come out as bi-sexual, and i had started talking to some guys online.

So, throughout the year I talked to a few guys but never actually met any in person. Mostly just because i'm a big guy, and kinda shy. When my senior year ended things really got serious, but not in the way that I had imagined. I was always into white guys. I actually got sexual with my best friend, but that's for another story.
Anyways, I had really started sexting and video chatting with guys. But, I got a lot more attention from black guys than white guys. Which I didn't mind but i wanted a white guy. That was until i started sexting with them, it started normal. But i eventually got "standards", pretty much if you didn't have a 6 inch cock or bigger i didn't talk to you.
I lusted for a black cock for so long but was too afraid to ever fuck because i knew that my asshole would be too small for one. Like i said i'm a big guy with a huge butt, but my asshole is no where near big enough to handle one.
I really want to but i don't think i'll ever do it.

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  • I always had thoughts of sucking black dick when growing up. Still do just to taste, but I prefer white (circumcised) dicks. The ones that are hard but still floppy, ya know? Or mushroom cocks.

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