My wife loves his big one

My wife and I have been married 30 years. A long time compared to many couples today. While my wife hasn't really said anything, it's been obvious for years that she doesn't enjoy sex with me for a couple of reasons. First, I'm kinda small in that department, 3.5" when fully aroused. Second, I have always been a minute man. No matter how hard I try, I can never hold back.

One day one I ran into one of our daughters ex boyfriends at a bar. We were catching up on life etc. The conversation somehow turned to sex and kinda man to man I admitted to him my problem and my wife's unsatisfied needs. He told me how he always thought she was hot and felt bad she wasn't getting what a woman needs. We talked for a while longer, had a couple more drinks and he in a playful way started calling me "smalls" as a nickname. He told me my wife needed a good fucking and he was just the man to do it. I said I didn't know how I feel about that or if she'd like it. He said, "smalls, you already admitted you're a two pump chump, she's gonna love my cock and you're gonna love knowing shes getting what she needs from a real man.

He was right. It's been almost a year now since they started having sex and she couldn't be happier. She's 54 and he's 23. He lives with us now most of the time and when he's there it's understood he sleeps with my wife and I sleep on the couch. I know some people won't understand, but my wife and I are happier now and more in love today than ever before. Oh, he still calls me Smalls and teases me about how he's the man of the house now and I'm pretty much just a masturbator now, but I can't help but like and respect him.

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  • I would love to watch my 28 yo virgin fiancée lose her virginity to a huge cock. I’m 4 inches.

  • I'm the exact size as a hotdog I know my very thin down there and ever girl I've ever had sex with including wife felt loose. I had one ex girlfriend who I heard had told a girl my penis to thin she hated sex with me. After that I always felt self conscious and went for awhile not having sex. I eventually started dating I'm a good looking and tall guy and get opportunities all the time. I eventually met my wife and we got married one night I asked if I was to small. She was uncomfortable reminding me she married me and loves me. I said it's OK I just wish you would be honest with me then asked if she had enjoyed a bigger one before we met. She eventually admitted she had been with several bigger and confessed she liked one that had been very meaty as she put it. I kissed her saying thanks for being honest and I was glad she enjoyed a big one. She smiled I could see she was shocked at my reply telling me thanks for understanding. We started kissing and having sex I told her to imagine I was bigger she got really into it. I cam faster than usual she giggled saying you got off on that. I told her I was imaging watching a giant cock fucking her. Her eyes opened wide smiling ear to ear as I told her I wanted to watch her fuck a guy with a huge cock. Continued

  • She smiled asking why I wanted to watch her adding l didn't need to do it. I love you and you deserve to enjoy a huge cock I asked if she would want to. She said sure if you are not going to be hurt by watching her. I might get jealous but I want to watch you she asked what I was thinking the guy should be like. I quickly replied over 10" long she quickly said thicker is better. I said as thick as we can find only the biggest she giggled repeating only the biggest giggling.

  • Everyone missing the actual kinky part of this whole ordeal! This big cock stud now pleasuring his wife like he can't. Honestly I don't think it's to big of a deal as its a common thing. But the fact this fat cock also gapped out his no longer so little girl lol.

  • Very true. Hot and kinky.

  • I don't have that problem since before we were married my wife had a lesbian relationship with her best friend from school they were both quite open about it with her husband and I so we have accepted the situation from day one, we all have a wonderful sex life and usually they get together whenever us men go golfing or to sporting events it is a great set up

  • My wife has been fucking for about a year with a young really well hung guy from her work he was a virgin when they started so she has him trained exactly how she likes, I don't mind because he is a real nice guy and they do it even if I am around, she is so very happy

  • My wife also has a lover. She is 50. I'm 45. Her lover is 29. Difference is that he is hung. I'm not tiny. I'm 5.5 to 6 inches. He's every bit of 8.5 to 9 inches. He's a show-er meaning his dick is about that long flaccid. It started off with her cheating on me with him. They had been having sex for a year before I finally found out. I worked a half day and came home to her riding him. She was terrified about what I was gonna say. I saw his cock and told her I was ok with it.

  • I understand that. It's kinda like to the Victor goes the spoils. As a guy you know when you're out-manned. When that is the case, you just need to step aside and let the Man do his thing.

  • I had the same situation, though, a little different. My wife took a much younger lover, but, he wasn't bigger than me, in fact, we were much the same at six inches fully erect. But, he was younger, and a bit of a satyr as he could come and be instantly hard minutes later. He was better at cunnilingus than me, too ! Her could make her squirt consistently, and eventually showed me how. She would've left me had he not been mentally unstable, and didn't have my money.

  • So how did it make you feel being out done by this young guy?

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