Blackmailing My Sister

I've been blackmailing my 13yo sister into sucking me off for over a month now and I'm starting to feel really, really bad about it but I can't stop because I love it so much.

I knew she had her boyfriend in her bedroom which she could get in massive trouble for and I burst in with my phone ready thinking I'd get a picture of him in her room or maybe them kissing or something but she was topless and she was sucking his cock.

It's a perfect picture and you can see her very clearly looking right at the camera looking kinda shocked with his cock in her hand right in front of her mouth. So it's really obvious what she was doing.

I thought if I got a picture of her with a boy in her bedroom I could blackmail her into being not so much of a little bitch to me or just use it to keep her in line sort of thing but I never expected this. I was really shocked that she was doing this because I'm a year older and I've never had my cock sucked and I have had girlfriends and they've never done it or anything much at all.

First she went all hysterical and yelled and screamed at me and demanded I delete the picture then she cried and boo hoo hoo my life is over is you show anyone and I felt bad but I was never gonna do anything with that picture. I would never have actually used it. No way I'm not that much of an asshole and I was kinda sad that she really believed I was.

But I thought fuck I really got the little bitch now. She really is my little bitch.

Then I got thinking about how her boyfriend got his cock sucked and I never have and how she's been sucking his cock and none of my girlfriends will. I wanted to get my cock sucked so bad and I started looking at that picture and I thought she's got really nice little tits and I started wanking over it and imagining her sucking my cock.

All this took me days to think about and then I told her she had to suck me off or that picture goes all around school and all over the internet. She went all hysterical again and cried and threatened to kill me and all kinda crazy shit but she was fucked. It took her days to figure it all out and she found my phone and deleted the picture but I already uploaded it to the cloud and got it back and showed her ta da look.

So now she's been sucking me off for like over a month now whenever I want and I never knew it would feel so good. I feel so bad doing it now but I can't stop.

I have a girlfriend but she won't suck my cock or even touch it and all she lets me do is touch her tits and that's like a really big deal to her but my sister has to do it and not only that I can cum in her mouth and stick it all the way in and do whatever I want. Now I make her get her tits out and I hold onto them while she sucks me off.

I always feel really bad about it afterwards but she doesn't seem to really mind doing it and she is so good at it I think she's been doing it for a while so it's probably not that big a deal to her anyway. I want to stop doing it but oh boy when I grab her head and stick my cock all the way in and cum in her mouth its just the best feeling in the world and I don't want to miss out on that.

It's not like she hates me or anything and things are pretty normal between us but sometimes she asks me how long is this gonna go on for and I dunno probably until I get someone else to suck me off or until I feel so bad about it.

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  • Please change the ages when u post or don't detail it. U can still post but change the ages pls or u will be reported and probly investigated. Just a warning. Honestly u should feel bad u should have just asked once for a blowjob then deleted the pic, not keep doing it, it won't end well I promise. At this point, delete the pic asap and apologize to her, tell her u are genuinely attracted to her and that u would like to keep doing things. If she doesn't want to that is her choice. Also, dude u gotta pay it back once in awhile eat her pussy and ass

  • I would have been fucking her...make the bf pay too

  • Excellent. You must be a teen yet yourself and have figured this out. I say milk this advantage you have. We never know what may disrupt it so just milk it. I'm going to presume & hope that you make your little sister swallow your ejaculate too. After all, that is a key duty to making her a woman.

  • She's probably loving it. Girls get really horny when they're around 13. I've got three younger sisters and when they turned 13 they all started this crazy sexy stuff. They all did the same crazy shit and between the three of them they nearly drove me crazy.

    The eldest one used to call me into her room and she'd be lying on her bed naked. She'd make out I was the crazy one because I was freaking out and her being naked was completely normal. That was her main thing but she did other stuff too.

    The middle one used to get around naked too knowing I'd see her and she was always trying to grab my cock. Once she came into the shower and grabbed me by the cock.

    The youngest one was the worst though. She used to get naked and crawl into bed with me in the morning when I was still asleep and jerk me off. I'd wake up and find her naked beside me with her hand on my cock and I'd freak out like crazy. She'd laugh and say 'What's this?" Meaning my cock. I always let her jerk me off though. I couldn't help it.

    I was always so terrified but so turned on and I knew if we ever got caught it would be me, not them, that got into trouble and it would have been really big trouble. This crazy stage lasts about a year then they just stop it.

  • Lmao. And you don't think her crying and accusing you of incestuous rape and blackmail isn't worse for you, than getting caught with her boyfriend would be for her? You're smart. Keep it up.

  • You're right and I never thought of that. If she got caught with her boyfriend her life would be over. She'd be grounded till she was 30 and maybe sent to an all girls school. I'm doing her a favour and she doesn't seem to mind sucking me off that much. I might get her to get naked from now on and I might get her to let me lick her pussy. I am kinda curious what that would be like after those other guys suggested it. I could practice on her.

  • I caught my almost 12yr old sister sucking a neighbourhood boys cock whos 17 and i dragged little fucker by throat and threw him out. My little sister was a mess and sobbing her eyes out and beg me not to tell our parents as they would spank and ground her for a month. I see her getting spanked many times on her bare bottom. So i gave her a realy long and hard bare bottom spanking over my knee and my cock was rock hard as she squirmed and kicked like crazy naked over my knee. Her pussy is completley bare and i wanted to finger her and lick her out so much..

  • Missed opportunity

  • Enjoy.

  • You wouldn't want to black mail me, I would blackball you. and if you tricked her then you are really the bad guy she could blackmail back. and someone else who has something on you could black mail you as well.

  • What if someone had a picture of you sucking a dick?

  • I'd give that pussy a lick, you know she would be tight and sweet tasting.

  • Why don't you lick hey pussy as she sucks your prick .?

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