I have been having an affair with a friend's wife. It's been a great ride. She's very attractive and very sexual. Then something totally disgusting happened. I had her on her hands and knees in their living room. I was really going at it , the whole time their dog was jumping around and acting like an idiot. I shot my load in her as she collapsed on the floor. The fucken dog gets right in there and starts going at her like it was possessed , I was dumb founder I have never seen how fast and hard a dog fucked before. She started yelling get it off me get it off me. But I just stood there and started getting dressed. She was almost in tears as it was relentlessly pounding her. I broke out my phone and started filming unfortunately I only got the last little part. Btw did you know that they some how get locked in , completely unable to remove there dicks from whatever they're screwing. She looked up at me tears in her eyes as I said well have a good rest of your day , then walked out the door.

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  • You are the one who is disgusting

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