B/F Dom

My wife and I had been into bdsm for three years. We had been to clubs, and to a couple of private parties. Having played with another couple, and with a single g/f, my wife figured that gave her a free pass to fool around. She had met a dom, online, and started an affair with him. She, mostly, topped me, and wanted to experience being a bottom to a "real dom", not my submissive self. She knew of my fantasy of a break in, where I would be bound, and forced to watch as she was spanked or whipped, and then, raped. She tells the b/f and he was very interested in helping us realize it, curiously adding a request. He told her, "I don't know how we'll do this, but, I need to get my cum in his mouth ! " She explains, to me, that it was a power thing with him, and I told her I was okay with that. My main hard limit was that she and I not be tied at the same time. She agreed to that, and set it up with the b/f.
He came to see us, bringing his case of toys, and a spanking bench. Fifteen years our junior, he was handsome, with a full beard and blue eyes. He was standoffish with me to begin with, but, warmed gradually. We had a nice meal out, with some wine he didn't drink. We returned to the house and he hinted at wanting some action, but we stalled, and he went to bed. I took my wife to our bedroom, kissed her, stripped her, felt her up, and sent her to his bedroom. I could hear the sounds of their lovemaking. It went on for a couple of hours. She returned and told me, excitedly, how he was naked and waiting for her, hard as a rock. She stroked him, and sucked him, and he "worshipped" her 38 DD tits, and ate her pussy. "I came so many times I made him stop and fuck me !" He did, and, "he took FOREVER !" I was very erect, and asked her to blow me. She did, but, not before saying, "I think your cocks are exactly the same size. "
The next day went spent at the beach. He was hairier than me, like all over. He went for a long walk with her, then, when they returned, he and I went out into the surf to talk. He was down with our fantasy, claimed to have done it several times with other couples, and added that he'd been in more threesomes than he could count. He had no problem with a man sucking him, or, plowing a "manpussy" ( his term, btw ), but he didn't suck cock or take it in the ass. He told me, "My main thing in a deal like this, or, a male-male-female threesome is, I need to get my cum in the man's mouth. " I told him that was fine with me. He looked at me with barely concealed contempt. Then, I told him of my hard limit of she and I not being tied at the same time, and he just stared at me, coldly, not responding.
When we got home and he was showering my wife told me, " He's mad at me for giving you a b/j last night. He doesn't want you to cum." I shrugged and wondered, "So, are we on for tonight, or what ? " She nodded excitedly and laughed, "Hell yeah, he's raring to go ! Some more of my pussy and he'll be loving me again ! "
So, the way we set it up is, she and I are engaged in bdsm in our third floor loft. I'm secured to the spanking bench in an all-fours position, my wrists and ankles restrained. I'm naked save for a black leather hood, which I'm not fond of. She's naked except for stiletto heels and a large rubber strap on. She's whacking me with a big slapper when he comes into the loft training a gun on us. He makes her back into a corner, and makes sure I'm secured to his liking. I'm not. He loops some cord around my hanging nuts and ties them to the bottom of the bench. He orders her to continue with the slapper, then, to a small wooden paddle. He takes off his black tee, and takes the paddle from her, and burns my ass up. He uses a flogger on my back, and takes off his black jeans. Then, he uses a quirt on me, making major marks and welts. He instructs her to shove the rubber cock in my mouth. He pulls off his jock strap and I can feel his hard cock against my tortured ass. "You'd better spit on that strap on, I mean slobber all over it !" and I obliged, and he made her spit on it, and he did too. "Lets switch ends, you fuck his manpussy ! " He watches as she eases it in, then, forces her to ram deep into me. He holds his erect cock in my face, pressing it thru the mouth hole in the hood. "Suck my dick you faggot ass bitch !" he snarls and I do. She was right, he was as big as me. "You fuck his ass HARD !" She humps harder, and faster. I moan and grunt around his thrusting cock. I hear her cum with the friction of her grinding. She tires of her efforts, and he pulls out of my mouth, and pulls a condom over his boner. Then, he enters my widened anus, and tells her, "Take off that dick and fold that sofa bed out !" She does, and he rides me some more. Though he was much smaller than the dildo, he was much harder, and he hurt more. He made me beg him to fuck me harder. I did, lustily, in a ragged voice. My wife watched, quietly, from the sofa bed. " Oh, ohhhh, you bout to make me cum, bitch !" and he pulls out, roughly. Seeing my erect cock under my stretched balls, he disproves, and whacks it with the big slapper. " Get soft you sorry faggot !"
He pulls off his rubber, and throws it on the floor. He zips my mouth hole closed, and goes over to my smiling, waiting wife. Very quickly, so quick it shocked me, he grabs her and cuffs her hands behind her back with police issue handcuffs. "She laughs nervously, saying, "No, no, we can't..." and he crams a ball gag in her yap. Then, he puts on some leather shackles, with a spreader bar attaching them. I'm protesting loudly, shaking my head. He looks at me with a wicked smile, saying, " That was a ridiculous limit ! You know I wasn't going to honor that one ! Now, I can do whatever I want !" He proceeds to use a series of smaller to larger canes on her, and she's howling pain and shedding tears by the time he gets bored with it. He enters her from behind, without a condom, and fucks her for what seemed like hours. He withholds his special seed, pulls out of her, takes off the spreader bar, and the ball gag and drags her over to me. He's half hard, and makes her suck him back to full boner. Then, he unzips my mouth hole and pushes his cock into my mouth, unleashing nasty spunk, roaring his orgasm. As soon as he was finished I requested he untie one of us. He uncuffs her, and she releases me. We complain during the debriefing about him crossing our hard limit, but, he's not apologetic, whatsoever. We thank him, politely as possible, but ask him to leave, and we never played with him again, not even in the safe space at the clubs.

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  • That's the kind of thing I enjoy bring it on I live in llanbradach south Wales UK

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