My Older Sister

I haven't thought about this for years but back when I was 13 or so my mates used to come over most nights and we'd all sit in my bedroom just hanging out doing guy stuff and my sister who was 17 then always used to come in and give us shit.

She'd laugh and call us the Virgins Club and the Wankers Club and say things like 'Ah the wankers Clubs is having a meeting'. None of my mates minded because she was super hot.

One night I pulled her top down and we all got a good look at her tits but didn't actually see all of them just like extended cleavage but it was a big thrill for the guys. She just laughed and didn't seem to care. The guys loved it and kept telling me to do it again next time she came in.

So it became like a regular thing. She'd come in and tease us and I'd pull her top down and sometimes she wasn't wearing a bra. Now I know she was doing it deliberately but I didn't at the time. Back then I thought I was just giving her payback for teasing us and giving the guys a thrill at the same time.

The other thing I didn't realise at the time was that she started wearing more revealing outfits and tops that were much easier to pull down. So, after a while when I pulled her top down we'd get to see all of her tits and that used to drive the guys nuts.

One of her favorite outfits was a loose singlet and boxer shorts and one night I decided to pull her shorts down. I took her by surprise and pulled them right down to her ankles and we all saw her cunt. She had a hairy bush and we all just stared at it while she slowly pulled her shorts up and said "You guys wouldn't know what to do with it."

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  • I used to regularly sleep over at my best friend's place when we were about 13 and he had this older sister who was 16. She used to come into his room and she'd tease us and we'd tease her back and the three of us always ended up wrestling around and we'd always pull her pants down and lift her t shirt up while we were wrestling.

    I never knew if she knew we did it deliberately or if she thought it was just accidental. I got to see everything, tits, pussy, ass.

  • I think the teasing and the wrestling is just an excuse to fool around. My sister and I used to tease each other, then wrestle around and we used to really get into it. We'd pull each others clothes down to get a look and we'd touch each other up while we were wrestling.

    We just went further and further every time we did it until we ended up with me fingering her and her jerking me off. I'd cum in my pants and she'd just pretend it never happened. We both knew exactly what we were doing but we both pretended it was just part of the wrestling.

    I knew she was my sister and I shouldn't be doing it but it always started off just wrestling around and then I'd just get so turned on and carried away. I think she was the same too. I ended up trying to fuck her and that's when she stopped doing it. I came so close to fucking her too but I'm glad I didn't.

    I had her down with her pajama pants around her knees and my cock pressing on her pussy. I could feel it was wet and my cock might have even gone in a little way but she was wriggling around and I couldn't get her legs apart because her pants were around her knees holding them together.

  • I nearly fucked my sister too but I actually got my cock in. We used to wrestle like that too and fool around but we used to practice on each other too. Like kissing and making upstairs moves and downstairs moves on her and she'd practice hand jobs on me. We graduated to practicing cock sucking and pussy licking on each other and one day she said we should practice doing it.

    She lay on the bed with her back propped up on pillows, legs wide apart and me standing on the floor so we could see what we were doing. She guided my cock in and it went in half way and she stopped and said maybe this isn't a good idea. She pushed me away and sucked me off instead.

    Like you I'm glad I didn't fuck her. I mean what we did so was bad enough I guess but it was just fucking around and fucking is different. Sometimes she asks me just joking around if I remember how we used to fuck around but it wouldn't be so funny if we had actually fucked. Good thing we didn't but gee I'll never forget the sight of my cock half way in her pussy.

    She was so beautiful, nice little tits, nice body and really nice looking pussy with this wispy really pale brown hair.

  • I nearly fucked my sister too. I thought I had. We were wrestling and she pulled my shorts right down around my ankles. I bent her over the bed and pulled her pants right down too and when I saw her naked ass and a bit of her pussy I just went at it. I was thrusting away and she was laughing and giggling and I remember thinking they shouldn't do that when they're getting fucked. I came in like seconds and she was still laughing and called me a dirty little pervert.

    She saw the look on my face and she laughed and said "Oh don't worry it didn't even go in. You just fucked my thigh you idiot."

  • I used to wrestle my sister too and sometimes we'd end up completely naked. I only wore boxer shorts to bed and she wore pajamas that were just shorts and a little top so I'd go all out to get her naked and she'd make these half hearted attempts to put her pajamas back on. She was older than me and I was probably too young to actually fuck her anyway but I'd get a hardon every time and we'd roll all around the bed and the floor naked. I don't remember how old I was at the time but I remember I hadn't even started jerking off then.

  • Sisters are so much fun. I had three older sisters and they were always picking on me and I was always teasing them. They couldn't fight though, they'd just wrestle me around and try and hold me down until I gave up. I never tried to beat them I just tried to undress them. The older one used to always get me in a headlock and drag me around and I used to pull her pants down.

  • When I was 13 and my sister was 15 I used to always hang around when she had sleepovers with her friends. They used to wear sexy pajamas and I perved on them and I'd touch them up if I could get close enough. They used to hate it but I had fun.

    One night they really got the shits with me and grabbed me, held me down on the floor and stripped me naked. They all laughed at me and made jokes about my little dick but I was secretly loving it.

  • My older sister used to do the same sort of thing but my mates weren't wussy like yours. They held her down on the floor, lifted her pajama top up, pulled her pajamas down and had a good look at her. She never came back. afterwards they all said they would have fucked her if she hadn't been my sister.

  • My brother was older, and I loved when he had his sleepovers. It started with playful things like you describe, but quickly turned to me being their entertainment for the night.

  • Tell us more. How did you entertain them?

  • Lot of fun, especially when the hot sister is into it. Did it to my hot older sister when I was about 13 or so, in our finished basement. Friend and I were throwing darts, and older sister came downstairs, chatting and flirting around, showing off in a just-enough undone blue button-down. Showed nice amount of cleavage, and started joking that guys our age didn't get women like her. Really pouring it on, as far as, no way we'd have a shot at a hot older girl like her.

    I, and, we, got tired of hearing it, so, started touching her, poking her body, and feeling her tits and ass. She didn't fight it off, and took it as playing around fun. My friend held her arms behind her back, so her tits would pop from her partially-open shirt, and she was laughing, saying let me go let me go..I took the opportunity in front of me, and tore the front of her shirt, and bra, open. Buttons were landing on the floor as her tits were exposed for us.

    While she wasn't happy that we were holding her and had her shirt and bra open, tits jiggling as she tried to work herself free (she couldn't...lacked upper body strength, and we had hormones on our side..we really had her stuck and at our will), she took it in stride as horny guys being horny guys, and she did show off for us before the comments that made me/us respond.

    We later talked about "what we could have done to her", as in...The couch was close by. We easily could have gotten her on it and had our way with her if the thought hit us.

    After that, if she was around when that same friend was with me, she just took it as a given that we needed to see her tits, and would hold her if that's what it took. Would lift her shirt up, undo it in her car if taking us someplace, and, if in our pool..Knew darn well her bikini top wasn't staying on.

  • My 12 year old sister was always teaseing me and so two weeks ago i held her down and filled her with my cumm..

  • Oh give me five minutes I'd know what to do with it, I'm surprised not one of you pulled your dick out for her that's what she wanted you stoop.

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