I think I may be what they call a "Nympo"

I love to have orgasms and have always loved sex. My brother walked in on me masturbating in my room and it sort of just took off from there when I did not even cover up. He stood there looking at me and I just kept grinding myself on the rolled up pillow I had under me, he then came over closer to get a look at what I was doing and asked if he could touch me. I lifted up my shirt and he started playing with my breasts and nipples, it sent me into another dimension and that first time ended with me on my back and him licking me to orgasm.
We played like that for years and even had intercourse, condom on of course, but I am sure he was so surprised to have a sister willing to have sex just about anytime.


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  • Snap me I'm into it pique1751

  • Lmao I used to wake up to my brother and his friends holding me down and spit roasting me, but yeah I’m sure your brother was happy! Lol! Stupid cunt.

  • It's "nympho", but you're really a lamebo from a long line of cousins.

  • More incest promotion propaganda!

  • I wouldn't say it was propaganda but most certainly is someone's fantasy. I don't see the point in denying that incest happens be because it does but not in the way people describe it here. I have had experience with having sex with a family member and it was very loving and intense. I know the fantasy is alot different to the reality. My
    incestous experience was great for sex and bonding with that particular person but you find that you don't have time or interest in other people and that's where it can be unhealthy. It would be great if we had genuine confessions for a change.

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