My Sister and I Part 2

Continued from previous post.

We went through high school together then we left home to go to University. She became a Pharmacist and I dropped out of Uni to work as a courier driver. I bought my own van and began to work as a subcontractor then setup my own courier business doing local deliveries. We both did quite well.

We stayed in touch and usually called each other at least once a week and we'd meet for coffee and have dinner together regularly. We just continued to get on so well, just we always had, like any normal brother and sister.

When I was 29 and she was 30, we had dinner at her apartment and after a few wines she asked me the strangest thing anyone had ever asked me.

"There's something I really want to do, really need to do, and you're the only one I would ever trust enough to ask. It's not sexual, well it is sort of, but not really."

I was feeling pretty mellow from the wine and I agreed without thinking.

"I want to have a food fight."

She said it so deadly seriously that I burst out laughing. She laughed even louder and she said she knew I would understand. Then it got really weird. She started getting things out of the fridge: jam, honey, milk, cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce, left over cheesecake. Then bananas, strawberries, a cake, anything and everything.

She carried all this into the bathroom and said it would be easier to clean up in here. Then she started to get undressed and I freaked. She seemed surprised at my reaction.

"Oh, I thought you knew what I meant. I always imagined doing this naked."

I still remembered that night we had fucked but I never imagined it would ever happen again but this seemed very different. She seemed very excited but not turned on. I really didn't understand it but I loved her and I went along with it.

She laughed when I got undressed and said. "Still get a 'stiffy' at the drop of a hat, I see."

She cleared the bathroom of everything and I watched her getting around naked and unconcerned, and I thought about how much her body had changed since I last saw her naked when she was 16. She was thinner, leaner and sexier. I felt like an idiot standing there naked with an erection.

She sat on the tiled floor cross legged and gestured for me to join her. Just as I was wondering how this would start she scooped a handful of jam out and threw it at me. we sat there naked on the floor just throwing food at each other. Then we started pouring and dumping food on each other and rubbing it over each other. It was strangely exciting but far too weird for me.

It was the weirdest thing I had ever done in my life, up to that point anyway.

She was strangely excited too and I had never really seen her like this. She kept giggling and laughing almost hysterically. We both ended up covered in all kinds of food from head to toe. I had lost my erection along the way, somewhere between the honey and the left over cheesecake.

We cleaned up the mess and had a shower and when I got out of the shower she was standing there with a towel wrapped around her, suddenly looking just like she had all those years ago when we had our last bath together.

She was smiling happily and said. "Thank you so much. I'm so relieved I got that out of my system. Is there anything I can do to return the favour?"

She looked so happy and kind of relieved as if she had just exorcised a demon of some kind. It hadn't been sexual even though wed both been naked. I found it a turn off actually being covered in sticky, strange smelling foods.

But there was something I wanted to do and my cock went hard at the thought of it. Now seemed the perfect time to ask because it wasn't anywhere near as weird as what I had just done for her.

"Can I cum in your face?" I blurted out.

She was really shocked and I immediately reassured her she didn't have to. I felt my erection rapidly disappearing because of the look on her face.

"Haven't you ever done that before?" she asked seriously.
"No." I said. "Have you?"

She hugged the towel tighter around her but then suddenly said.

"OK. How do you want me?"

I suggested she lie on the floor but she said it would be better in the bath so she got in the bath sitting up, leaning back against the side of the bath and I knelt over her with my knees on either side of her. It was the perfect position. My cock was pointing right at her face.

I suddenly felt embarrassed and I hesitated but she took the towel off ehr and lay there naked.

"Is that better?" She asked with a smile.

It was. It was much better. At first she seemed awkward and embarrassed but then she began giggling and laughing. Then she suddenly became serious.

"Would you rather cum in my mouth?" She said seriously.
"No." I said. "I want to cum all over your face."

Of all the kinky things I have ever done in my life this was the most amazing and the most unforgettable. I jerked off furiously with my cock pointing right at her face and I came all over her face. I had never cum so hard in my life and it took my breath away when I came.

My cum landed on her cheek, her forehead, her nose, her lips. all over her face. She put both hands up to her face and they came away covered in cum and smeared it all over her face. She laughed and tried to wipe it off with her hands but she only smeared it over her face even more.

I got her a hand towel, wet it with warm water and gently washed my cum off her face. She had another shower because she had cum in her hair and I got dressed and made coffee.

I was amazed that we could sit there having coffee normally, as if nothing had happened. Things went back to normal between us again as if that night had never happened.

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