My Sister and I

My sister is a year older than me and we grew up in an old farmhouse just outside a small country town. We had rainwater tanks and were always running out of water and had to pay to have water delivered to keep the tanks full. So, water was always in short supply and my sister and I had to have a bath together to conserve water until we were about 7 or 8 when our parents decided we were getting too old to have a bath together.

We still had to share the bath water though. My sister would have a bath first and leave the water for me.

Living a bit out of town meant that it was difficult for us to have friends over or to visit friends so most of the time we only had each other to play with and we became very close. We always got on very well together and when we bathed together it was just like an extension of our play time.

We both missed playing in the bath together so when we were no longer allowed to and just shared the bath water she used to call me in when she was finished and she'd wait in the bath for me. I would get in with her and we'd have a little play before she got out.

It wasn't sexual, we just used to splash each other and sometimes we'd wash each others feet or hair. This went on for years until we were 12 or 13 when it started to become a bit sexual. She had little tits by then and wispy pubic hair and I used to get an erection which she used to laugh at and call a 'stiffy.' Sometimes she'd touch it with her foot and laugh at me reaction.

It stopped being just fun by then and she became uncomfortable at the way I used to look at her so she decided we should stop doing it and she started to lock the bathroom door when she went in for her bath.

I knew very little about sex then but I knew I liked looking at her when she was naked and I liked the feeling when I got a 'stiffy' and liked it even better when she touched it with her foot. I really missed our bath time together and I used to try and see her naked whenever I could. When I started to masturbate, I always thought of her naked body and remembered our bath time together.

When we were 14 and 15 our parents had to go away overnight and decided we were sensible enough to leave on our own overnight. We were. We got on well together, we never got into trouble, we always did our chores and we worked hard at school. We were good kids.

But we were teenagers and as soon as we were alone we decided we should do something crazy. First we got into Dad's stash of cigarettes but we didn't like that. Then we tried his scotch and we didn't like that either. So, we did our chores as usual, did our homework and thought this was going to be a wasted opportunity but we just couldn't think of anything crazy to do.

Until that night, when my sister suggested we could have a bath together now that they were away for the night. Now that we were 14 and 15 it did seem like a crazy thing to do and it seemed like a really BAD thing to do as well. We hadn't done it for over 2 years by then and apart from a few glimpses I hadn't seen her naked since then either. I knew I would get a stiffy and I knew it was going to be a lot more noticeable now because I had grown a lot in the last 2 years. So had my sister. She looked a lot different to when we had last had a bath together 2 years ago.

Since our parents weren't there we filled the bath much deeper than usual, she put bubble bath in the water and she lit candles and turned off the lights.

We were both nervous and laughing a lot. We both stripped off quickly and jumped into the bath before we could get a good look at each other. At first it was just like when we were kids, splashing and laughing and fooling around.

At first I couldn't see much of her, only her shoulders above the bubbles but as we fooled around and the bubbles dissipated I began to catch glimpses of her tits and finally her tits became fully visible. They were much, much bigger than before.

Then she touched my cock with her foot. I felt this crazy excitement but I didn't know what to do about it. I wanted to wank but I knew I couldn't do that in the bath with her. She was laughing at me. She asked me if I didn't like her touching my 'stiffy' with her foot. I didn't know how to answer that. I liked it but it made me feel so excited I had pains in my chest and couldn't breathe.

She asked me to show it to her. I couldn't. She said she'd stand up and let me see her if I stood up and let her see my stiffy. So, I stood up and she stared at my stiffy, then she stood up and when I saw her wet and naked I thought I was going to have a heart attack or something.

I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. Her long dark hair was wet and looked jet black in the candlelight. It clung wetly to her head and the sides fo her face. She suddenly looked much older than usual. Her skin was flawless and looked slick and wet with tiny bubbles clinging to her.

Her breasts were much larger than I imagined when I used to imagine her when I was wanking. They looked full, heavy, round and were glistening wet. Her nipples were small and very neat looking, her stomach was flat and her thighs were smooth and well shaped. Her bush was a wild triangle of wet, dark hair in a rough triangular shape.

She was smiling but she seemed nervous. I was paralyzed and just stood there staring at her with my cock so hard it felt like it was going to explode.

Then she suddenly sat back down abruptly making the bath overflow. I stood there for a moment still in shock then sat back down. This wasn't fun anymore. It was something else but I didn't know exactly what.

The water was cold by then and she said we had better get out. I felt embarrassed and awkward as we dried ourselves and I turned away so she couldn't see my 'stiffy.' But I still felt that crazy overwhelming excitement.

She took her time drying herself, rubbing her breasts making them change shape and move around in ways I never imagined were possible. I felt my heart pounding when she rubbed the towel between her legs and I saw her pubic hair go bushy when she had dried it.

I just followed her into her bedroom in a daze. We sat on her bed, me with my towel wrapped around my waist and her with her towel wrapped around her body. She asked me if i had ever touched a girls tits and when I said I hadn't, she dropped the towel, exposing her breasts and asked me if I wanted to touch them.

It was the first time I had ever touched a girls breasts and I will never forget how good they felt in my hands, so soft, so round, so heavy. she opened the towel completely and sat there naked on the towel. She asked me if i thought she looked OK but I couldn't speak.

She asked me if she could touch my 'stiffy' and I just nodded and took the towel away. My cock was rock hard and pointing straight up at the ceiling. When she closed her hand around my cock it felt even better than my hands on her breasts. I almost came the moment she touched it.

She opened her legs and asked me if I had never touched a girl 'down there.'

I couldn't speak. I just sat there like a statue.

She kept asking me if i had ever done this or done that to a girl until she finally asked me if I had ever fucked a girl. I shook my head and then finally managed to speak and I asked her if she had ever fucked a boy. She shook her head.

Now that I could speak again, I asked her if she had ever done any of the things she had asked me. I was shocked that she had kissed a boy and had let a boy touch her tits, but that was all she had done.

She turned around and crawled up onto the bed and lay down. I lay down beside her. We lay there for a while just looking at each other and I will never forget what she said to me then.

"Well, we wanted to do something crazy, so let's have a fuck."

We did but it was over in seconds. I came almost as soon as I had managed to get my cock into her. She laughed and I felt like an idiot. But it wasn't over. We didn't just fuck, we did everything we could possibly think of to each other. I went down on her, she sucked my cock, we fucked in every position we could think of. We even tried anal sex but I couldn't get it in. We both went crazy.

We spent the night together in her bed but we barely slept at all. My cock just kept getting hard after each time I came and we just kept fucking and fucking around.

In the morning we both were a bit freaked out and we leapt out of bed, got dressed and went about our normal routine. We did our chores and after a while things seemed perfectly normal between us. We both felt a bit weird about it but that was all.

We never mentioned it again and we both knew it was wrong and both knew without saying that it had been a one off thing and it would never happen again. But every time I had a wank I used to think about that night and the things we did.

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  • Thank you for thos, I've had a great wank reading this

  • My sister and I also had sex for the first time when i was 13 & she was 15 it all started very inocent just curious about touching each other and it evolved into having sex.

    I remember laying under the covers in our parents bead watching tv as they were getting ready to go and making sure they did not see anything she would slide her hand and start grabbing my cock or i would start teasing her sliding my finger through her pussy and as soon as they were gone we would start fucking.

    We would fuck every chance we had anywhere between 4 to 10 times a month experimenting new postions we keept this for almost two years.

    We never used any protection and one time she was late with her period we were freaking out if our parents found out they would have killed us so we stopped after that

  • I wanked myself into oblivion reading this.

  • Yeah, we all have read the Hotel New Hampshire, too.

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