Dominant woman

I'm like the only girl I know that is dominant. Pushes a lot of guys off, I get the nobodies but that's ok because I'm not about making them feel better. I'm about humiliating them and demonstrating through sex how they are worthless. I broke up with my ex a month ago now, and when I did I put a cage on his dick, so he couldn't get a boner or any sexual pleasure. I got rid of the keys, and the only way he can get it off is if he gets another guy to bolt cut it off, which he won't do. So he has had it on for the last month and will probably have it on for a very long time. You may think I'm being a bitch but these guys are pathetic, they love being treated like worthless pieces of shit. So that's what I do, I'm cruel to them and I don't let them have sexual pleasure, I let them cry in pain of being whipped, fucked, disciplined etc. But they still crawl back for more, makes me feel like a god. I love being a domme tbh

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  • How do you turn someone into a submissive like that?

  • Sister your just the greatest I love you getting his cock locked then loosing the keys I bet he has been begging for you to find them and release him, make him think you can unlock him and continue to humiliate the prick

  • Yeah, I use him to do tasks, he thinks he'll get unlocked but never haha. I'm enjoying it because he's so pathetic, willingly doing for me thinking he's making progress. Stupid little bitch haha

  • OH darling that is just so fantastic what fun you must be having I now have a fantasy that the situation will arise for me, I can't get it out of my mind, my only problem is that I am in a long term lesbian relationship with a wonderful younger girl and do not want to risk that

  • Don't risk it, I am quite heartless but I still know love is love so don't risk it babes

  • I really love you sweetie your a wonderful girl, my lesbian girlfriend and I have turned my husband into a cross dressing sissy gurl and he loves it I have him in a cock cage and he sleeps in the spare room when my lover comes around, she watches as I cuff him behind put on a leg spreader and shave and clean him each weekend. I masturbate him probably every fourth week if he is a good gurl otherwise he goes without on those occasion's he is left naked, blindfolded lead to the kitchen table where his prick is placed on the table as flat as possible and cloths pegs are clamped onto his nipples, then when I decide I slam a wooden ruler onto his cock it is so very painful but I love the way he cries and begs no more he always gets two and is assisted to the corner to stand and think about why he has been disciplined while my friend and I make love.
    How great is that ?

  • It sounds pretty painful for him. What did you do to him?

  • Well read it and see if you would like it his prick is flattened by a wooden ruler against the kitchen table pretty hard obviously it hurts like hell he cries and it takes a couple of days before he is OK without pain holding his cock caged dick and pissing it really keeps him under control, he does not know why he has upset me but really tries to satisfy in every way, I know he loves being dominated

  • Right but how did you get him to enjoy being humiliated like that?

  • Slowly but surly there are a lot of step by step instructions on the net about training a sissy and I just followed those it took a while but as every step was completed it got easier obviously it's best if you start with a submissive man and be a dominate women and that was our case, he always has his cock cage on that certainly keeps him under full control because I hide the keys ( getting him into chastity was the easiest thing I just talked about it and he went straight for it once that cage was locked on he was putty in my hands ) he wears female attire and makeup at home to remind him of his now feminine personality, he wears panties all the time, it is great I tell you all women should do it

  • Why would a man ever want to wear underwear that aren’t made for the male anatomy? That can’t be comfortable at all.

  • You would be surprised there are thousands of men that wear lingerie every day all day my gurl looks great in nice sexy panties, I have even got some specific male panties off the net satin and PVC we do not have male underwear in the house, try it darling
    I might have to take you in hand and teach you to be an obedient little sissy would you like that ?

  • I’m not the obedient type. What would you do with that?

  • Under my instruction sweetheart you would soon change and eventually love every minute of it, you want to be obedient I can tell now lets start with you wearing sexy panties, go on you know you want to so come back when you purchase a nice pantie and bra set and try it on feel the lovely material you will be forever needing it instead of male underwear, how about it Honey your getting horny now EH ?

  • I wear male thongs sometimes. Is that enough?

  • No we need you in sexy panties all the time and bra plus nighties at home to start off with, you know you want this so just go and purchase the lingerie, let me know when you are comfortable with that step and we can move on OK sweetie

  • What comes next?

  • Step by step sweetie don't rush things just come back when your comfortable with your lingerie and we will progress, and stop asking questions your to do as your told OK ?

  • Like I said, I’m not the obedient type. Do you enjoy it more when someone doesn’t do as they are told?

  • No, I just piss them off, if possible with a giant kick in the nuts, bye bye

  • Why would a man wear a bra? Men don’t have breasts.

  • Have you looked around? Over weight fatness and man boobs everywhere. Its awful

  • You’re right. People are getting fatter. Only a matter of time before someone makes a bra for man boobs.

  • You should be able to find a size that is suitable, I wear off the rack pantie and bra sets with padded bra to lift my breasts and give a nice look my wife loves them on me and they feel so good, it is a must if you like being dominated

  • I enjoy a dominant woman. Not into the cock cages and all that but the thought of a woman using me as a sex toy for her own pleasure is very hot.

  • Honey having a cock cage on is a must if you are going to be dominated by a woman, we originally thought we would do it without him being locked but it just was not the same after I caged him he was so submissive and would do anything to please me he really loved me being in total control I have had him locked for 5 weeks at one time without release for that you need a Holy Trainer Chastity device they are by far the best, you need to try it

  • That’s way too submissive for me. I’m down with some dominant woman play, but I’d never let my cock be locked up. Even if I’m letting the woman be in charge and use my body, I ultimately control my cock.

  • Well then you will never have the satisfaction of being truly dominated

  • Your really my kind of girl, do you like lesbian relationships ?

  • Yeah as long as there is no bounds, maybe a few but the purpose of being dominant is making sure you don't enjoy everything x

  • Sounds perfect

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