I want to be a very busy prostitute

I have wanted to be a prostitute since I was a 15 year old boy. I have always loved big thick hard cocks and hot cum. I LOVE having a mouthful of sperm. When I was 16 I asked a doctor if she would castrate me. She said I needed my parents permission unless they must be removed for medical reasons. That night I put a rubber band around my balls very tight. It hurt at first then it went numb so I went to sleep. I woke up and my balls were looking dead. I went to the doctor and she said they had to be removed. She did it in her office and offered me testosterone replacement but I said NO WAY. I said I would take estrogen though. She was able to do that and she gave me patches. Before too many days my boobs began to get sore because they were developing. At 16 my penis was very small and it only got smaller, and without balls I am no longer able to get hard so no more 2 inch long hard ons here just a little 1 1/4 inch penis or more like a girls clitoris. I have a 12 inch life like dildo I put in my ass and go for a bike ride and my bike seat pushes it all the way in me and the bumps thrust it in me really nicely. I want to be a prostitute and get lots of cock. I go by the name Lisa. I LOVE to masturbate guys and have them cum on my food and I get all the cum off his cock and put it on my food and enjoy it. All food taste so much better with cum on it the more the better.

3 months ago

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    • This is such bullshit!! No doctor would remove you balls in an office!! And you would definitely be committed to a psychiatrist ward for that level self harm. If it’s a Fanta just say it’s a fantasy!! Don’t try to write it to sound real you idiot!!

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