My Sister and I Part 3

Continued from previous posts..

My sister and I were 46 and 45 respectively. We had both been married and divorced by then. She had two kids, two girls and they lived with her. I had a boy and a girl and my ex-wife had moved interstate, remarried and I rarely saw them.

We had both been through a terrible divorce and we were both doing it tough. My courier business was struggling because my mind wasn't on the job and she was struggling to balance the kids and a job. She was offered a pharmacist job at a 24 hour pharmacy working nights and I offered to look after the kids for her while she was at work.

I missed my kids so terribly but I found looking after her kids filled a bleeding hole in my heart that nothing else could. She worked from 8PM till 4AM so I would come over, have dinner with them every night and sleep in the spare room.

I helped her with the kids, she helped me with my courier business and things began to get better for both of us. It was a good arrangement for both of us. I loved her of course and I loved her kids. We laughed, we went places together and we behaved like a normal family.

We had had sex once, well more than once but on the one occasion, and we had had the food fight and the cum in her face thing but apart from those two episodes we had, what I thought was a perfectly normal brother and sister relationship, perhaps a lot closer than most.

After a few weeks my sister suggested I move in with them and it seemed a sensible, practical idea. Things were even better then. We were just like a normal family now. I was happier than I had been for years. She was happy, the kids were happy. My business was back on track, she liked her job and we were both sorting out our financial problems. Everything was great.

It was her night off. I had just finished reading the kids a bedtime story. They were in bed and asleep. The house was quiet. I was feeling happy and a bit drowsy. It always made me sleepy reading the kids a bedtime story and sometimes I even fell asleep before they did and they'd wake me up laughing and calling me 'sleepy head.'

I wandered into the bathroom without thinking and found her reclining in a bubble bath with a glass of red wine on the edge of the bath. Before I could apologize and beat a hasty retreat she sat up and asked me if the kids were asleep.

I looked at her sitting up in the bath with her breasts exposed and I froze. She was 46 now and had had two kids. She looked different to when I had last seen her naked when she was 30 and different again to the time before that when she had been 16.

Her nipples were bigger and darker. Her breasts were still firm but were just beginning to sag a little. Her arms and shoulders looked slim and graceful. Her hair was still long and dark and clung to her head and face. Her face was more angular and she had lost that fresh, innocent look of youth but she was still very attractive. The rest of her body was hidden under bubbles.

She smiled at me and that smile took ten years off her. She seemed amused at my awkwardness and embarrassment and apparently decided to add to it.

"Why don't you join me?" She asked and her smile turned into a wicked grin.

She picked up her wine glass and raised it as if in a toast to me.

"It wouldn't be like it was the first time." She said and she laughed, then took a sip of her wine.

My mind kept changing from being completely blank to racing madly. We had never had a sexual relationship as such. We had a normal brother sister relationship with two sexual episodes. this felt very different. I had put on a bit of weight and didn't feel confident about her seeing me naked, especially since she still looked so good. Our life together was perfect and I didn't want to do anything to risk ruining it. I didn't even know if she was serious or just teasing me, just joking.

She slowly slid back down into the bath and I sadly watched her breasts slowly disappear under the bubbles. All I could see now was her head above the water and the toes of one foot poking through the bubbles. She was wearing red polish on her toes.

"There are candles in the cupboard and you can turn off the light if you're shy." She said with a strange smile.

I opened the cupboard and saw the candles and a lighter there. My mind was still doing that blank and racing thing. I lit two and placed them at the end of the bath away from her. I slowly got undressed and got into the bath. She smiled and offered me her glass of wine. I took a sip and handed it back.

I felt her foot press on my cock and my body stiffened.

"Do you remember the first time I did that?" she asked. "I thought you were going to jump out of the bath."

I hadn't had sex for over a year, not since my ex wife and I stopped doing it. I hadn't even thought about it for months but the moment I felt her foot on my cock it went rock hard.

"Still getting a 'stiffy' at the drop of a hat, I see." She said with a laugh.

She rubbed her foot slowly up and down my cock then gently pressed her toes against my balls. She pulled my foot, making me slide under the water just like she used to do when we were kids in the bath. she moved closer, our bodies coming together, her breasts in my face and she began washing my hair, again, just as she did when we were kids.

She moved back and pulled my foot again, making me slide back under the water to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. She slid between my legs moving up close to me, put both her hands under my ass and lifted my body up. She leaned over and began to lick and suck my cock.

She slowly deep throated my cock and I felt my body begin to rise up as if by magic. I had never had that done to me before. She quickly stood up then sat down on my thighs and guided my cock to her cunt. I felt is slide in easily and she pushed one of her tits into my mouth.

I sucked her nipple frantically, put my hands under her ass and began to thrust up into her, fucking her in that bubble bath and making the water splash over the sides of the bath onto the floor. She wrapped ehr arms tightly around my head and began to jump up and down on me.

"Let's finish this in the bedroom." She cried out frantically, a bit too loudly.

We ran into the bedroom with her dragging me by the hand behind her. we practically dived onto the bed but when I went to get on top of her she put her foot on my chest and told me to go down on her. I dived down between her legs and mouthed her cunt searching for her clit.

"Stick your tongue in me." She said, totally shocking me.

"In my cunt." She added as if that needed clarification.

I thrust my tongue into her cunt and fucked her with it and I noticed her hair was all gone. Her cunt was smooth and hairless. I was shocked again.

"Oh God." She cried. "I feel so comfortable with you. I'm not like this with any other man. Stick it in my ass."

My tongue? I thought, now really shocked. She raised her hips up, pushing down on the bed with her feet and there was no doubt what she meant. I had never done that to a woman before. Never even thought of it. So, I did it. I stuck my tongue in her ass and tongue fucked her ass.

I had no idea she was such a crazy fuck. I had fucked a few women, some good, some indifferent, some bad, but nothing like this. She went crazy, so I went crazy. I fucked her cunt, her mouth, I fucked her between the tits and I fucked her up the ass. She sucked my cock, she deep throated it, she sucked my balls into her mouth, she licked my ass and stuck her tongue up my ass.

It was like the first time we fucked back when we were 16 and 15 only much, much more intense and imaginative. back then we struggled to think of things to do but by now, between the two of us, we had quite the sexual repertoire.

She came very time I went down on her and I came every time she deep throated my cock and every time I fucked her for too long. Just like the first time I kept cumming and my cock kept getting hard again. we fucked like crazy doing all these different things then we settled down to some serious fucking.

I had already cum a few times so I knew it would take a while for me to cum again so I fucked her every way I could think of. Her on top facing me, on top facing away from me, on her back, doggy, I stood beside the bed and got her on her hands and knees and fucked her doggy like that.

We took turns being in charge. She'd tell me to fuck her harder, to do this to do that and then I'd just do whatever I wanted.

"Cum in my face like you did before." She said when we both knew we were running out of steam.

It was the best fuck of my life and the best night of my life. We lived together for almost a year and the sex got better and better. Everything got better and better. But the kids had begun to call me 'Daddy' and we kept slipping up, kissing and holding hands in public. She said most people don't even know we are brother and sister and that was true but some did.

We talked about our relationship a lot and finally came to the realization that it was going to confuse the kids and that it might cause them problems with us being brother and sister yet living like husband and wife. There were my kids to consider too. Now I could afford to fly them out to stay with me for holidays and it was becoming difficult to explain and difficult to act normal when they were staying with us.

We were horrified when we learned that what we were doing was also illegal. It was just becoming far too complicated and we knew we couldn't continue living like this. She bought a house and I bought an apartment close by. I still look after the kids when she works but I moved out.

We still fuck at every opportunity.


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  • I believe it. I had two sisters and they used to tease me like you wouldn't believe. Flash their tits at me, grab my cock. I never knew if they were serious or not but I think they were. I don't know how I never fucked the both of them.

  • Yup. Another fool liberal expanding his imagination & writing it here as if he is on some dreamboat to fantasy island. It appears some people are still unemployed or have too much time on their hands.

  • Sounds believable to me.

  • Pretty sure it's the conservatives above all with the incest fantasies, bro.

  • That's very true. GOP types are real creeps. Larry Craig, Vitter, Newt, Foley and all the other so called Christians. Fuck them

  • Omg my snapchat is jake_uuu show me some pussy of ur sisters

  • That was a good read.

  • Don't think it has anything to do with anybody that you live with your sister and if you both enjoy fucking each other I say bloody good luck to you both .

  • Bit hard to believe buddy sure your not just having a wank or two while constructing this fiction ?

  • I had a wank reading it. The other two as well.

  • WANK?? Wank?? What in blaze is that for petesakes?? I hope you aren't attempting English language, buddy. You cannot be serious. There must be some word for what you are trying to convey here. Look, don't be passing judgement upon others fiction until you are appropriately trained in the construction of words in the English language.

  • What in blaze????? Whatya mean buddy???? I mean whatya mean for petesakes?????

  • It is always so funny when some inarticulate, uneducated, ignorant knucklehead attempts to take someone to task over their English expression only to clearly reveal and highlight the aforementioned deficiencies.

    It is way beyond irony and yet one needs a modicum of intelligence to recognize irony so they never do.

  • "Look, don't be passing judgement upon others fiction until you are appropriately trained in the construction of words in the English language."

    What? Like you are?

  • Perhaps he is alluding to the spelling of words.

  • I think he's been trained in the construction of building blocks.

  • I think he means the 'construction of sentences.'

  • Real cosmopolitan you are. Having a wank is British idiom for jerking off, you dumb motherfucker.

  • That's funny, Americans pretending they understand English. 'Wank' is not just British, but Australian and Kiwi too. It led to the term 'wanker', which is what most Americans are - especially Trump supporters.

  • Are you a Tosser or a Wanker?

  • Where did the term originate, wanker?

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