Playing with her belly button(a little weird)

My lovely neighbor Sarah is so hot. She is about 5”7, curvy and she has meat at all the right places. Thankfully for me, her husband is often out of town on business and so I can drop in unannounced on the pretext of helping her with this and that, or helping her son with his homework. She never seems to mind me dropping by, but she does have other admirers in the neighbourhood, and they often drop by and try to impress her too. However most of them are married and so they have their wives keeping a close watch on them, so they haven’t really been very successful in courting her. Anyways, once when her husband was out of town, and I was helping her son do his maths homework, I could hear her fighting over the phone with him. I sensed an opportunity and went over to her. She seemed really upset so I comforted her and told her not to worry.
“You know you haven’t partied in a long time I guess, what with taking care of Aaron (her son) and the house, you deserve to let your hair down sometimes, just like regular people.”
She looked at me and seemed to agree.
“But what about Aaron, who would watch him, you know I don’t trust babysitters.”
“Okay...tell you don’t always need to go outside to have fun. After Aaron falls asleep tonight, text me, I’ll show you a good time.”
She paused for a moment, then shook her head and smiled. I went out and got two bottles of the most premium vodka I could find (it was her favourite tipple) and a few other things. Finally after Aaron fell asleep, I got the text to go in. I grabbed two shot glasses, the bottles of vodka and went over. I opened a random tv show and told her we would down a shot, the moment someone said ‘Oh no!’ Thankfully, just a couple of seconds after I had said it, I heard a “Oh no” from the tv. She smiled and we both downed a shot. About three shots later, she had really loosened up a bit. She was giggling and talking and even cracking jokes. She seemed to be having a nice time. I joked to her that the next time, I should do a body shot off her. She gave a bit of a stern look, then laughed away but then came the next “Oh no” out of nowhere. She was a little hesitant at first, but I grabbed her and made her lay down on the couch and pulled her top up. I poured the vodka into her belly button and then just lowered my head and went down for it. She put her hands over her face and gave a few muffled squeals and giggles in the beginning but as I gave her belly button a good tongue treatment as I finished, I heard a few moans as well. Finally I got up and looked at her, and asked her how she felt.
To my surprise, she said, “That felt kinda great, could you do that again maybe!”
I looked at her,”Are you saying you want me to play with your belly button?”
She nodded her head. I put my finger inside and began rotating it around her belly button and then pushing it inside and finger fucking her belly button good, alternating between doing it slowly and doing it fast. Then, I went down and pushed my nose in her belly button and shook my head. I heard a few giggles this time too. Then I began taking a few deep breaths and blowing the warm air inside her belly button. I don’t know why but the vodka, mixed with my saliva combined with her natural odor smelled kinda erotic. I went on taking deep breaths and blowing the air into her belly button. Then I put my head up and spit inside her belly button. I pushed my tongue in and gave it a good lick. I licked all around her belly button, culminating in a tongue-fucking of her belly button. I pushed my tongue in, wiggled it all around and licked every bit of her belly button until I sensed it would have started to go sore. I pulled out my mouth and saw that indeed it was reddish. I pulled her leggings down and inserted a finger inside her panty and began teasing her around her pussy. I then pulled the panty down and started to finger her pussy real good. She was pretty wet and I sensed that she had not had sex for a long time. I lifted her up and went inside the bedroom and closed the door. I went on to fuck her several times, ultimately ending up emptying my load inside her. From then on, whenever I drop in unannounced, I always get a little treat, as in I can have fun with her belly button and if her son is not around, then her pussy, as much as I like.

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