Naughty Tailor's apprentice

Its of the time when I lived back in the old country. After passing high school I had to work at my uncle’s tailoring shop doing odd jobs. A couple of months later one day when his apprentice was absent, I was literally doing all his stuff. After a rough day of getting bossed around and insulted by my foul mouthed uncle, I was sent to a lady’s house to take her measurements, as was the custom back then(still is now). I was already sulking when I arrived at her house. But when she opened the door I was literally blown away!! She looked so hot in a pink saree. She received me and directed me to her drawing room. There, she started to explain to me what she wanted to make but my mind was thinking of the many things I could do to her. Finally, came the time to take measurements. I started taking her breast size measurement over her blouse and in the process I touched her boobs several times, but I was pleased when she did not react thinking it was part of my job. In fact since I told her I was new, she agreed to get her measurements taken multiple times so that I did not make a mistake. Then I sat on my knees to take her waist measurement. Now I was face-to-face with her belly button and was literally staring at it(like most Indians I had a fetish for them). Unmindfully, I started to touch her butt and blowing air into her belly button. She protested and tried to push me away but I grabbed her waist and buried my face in her belly. I tongued her belly button as deeply as possible and began sucking as hard as I could. By now I could hear her moans. I licked the area around her belly button wet and started kissing all over her belly and waist. Then I turned her around and went up and began pressing her boobs after unhooking her blouse. I went on to lick and bite her nipples and then I again licked my way down her cleavage to her belly button to her lower belly. I lowered her saree and began untying it. I opened her petticoat and my mouth dove into her wet pussy. I tongue fucked her and then I laid her down on my sofa and pushed my dick inside fucked her to my heart’s content. Of course when I went back to the shop my uncle who understood what was going on beat me with a stick, fearing trouble from her husband. But when she came back a couple of days later and ordered more things my uncle was really pleased. That *******.

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  • Greatest load of bull shit I have ever seen

  • So let me get this straight here. You laid her down on your sofa in HER house? Get your fantasy stories straight.

  • Her sofa.....sorry about that...bad typo..but this no fantasy!!

  • Uh huh

  • I dream of truth and I dream of this.

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