Developing a weird but hot kink

My sister-in-law is so hot!!! She is 41, but even after two kids she has a body to die for. My brother is a wealthy douchebag who spends a lot of time out of town on business meetings. When he is out, I often go there on the pretext of ‘helping’. Sure I do a couple of odd jobs but then I also help myself to her body. A couple of weeks before Christmas there was this news article that if you put perfume in your belly button it takes a lott of time for it to wear out. I sent her a link of that article saying “Take note: atleast now your stinky belly button would smell good :P “. She replied, “Well why don’t we see about that...come over to my place tomorrow at 4 after I drop your brother off at the airport.” I was thinking she had some surprise for me in store. So the next day I go to her place. She lets me in and tells me to wait on the sofa. A couple of mins later she comes out with four bottles of perfume and a wad of cotton. She lifts her top and sprays one of them on her belly button and then pulls my head and positions my nose on her belly button and tells me to sniff hard. “Tell me is it any good!” She continues pushing my head inside. The aroma from her belly button captivates me. I began taking some deep sniffs. Then after some minutes she pulls my head out and rubs her belly button with some cotton before putting on another one and repeating the earlier process. Then came the third bottle and then the fourth. By the end all the four aromas had combined together and the smell of her belly button was almost captivating. I had never experienced anything like it. It was me who was pushing my nose inside now and sniffing as hard as I could. She was moaning and gasping. Then finally when I pulled out my nose I saw that her belly button was all red. She told me to clean it up. I spit on her belly button and then rolled my tongue and began sucking on her belly button. She seemed to be turned on a lot. After that I continued downwards and needless to say ended up fucking her and also developing a new kink in the process! Who knew something weird could turn out so good!

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  • I'm personally a foot guy..... so who am I to judge? enjoy!!!

  • Ha ha...thanks too!

  • That's hot. Before my bro and his wife got divorced, my sister in law would call me to come over for coffee and chat about her marital problems. My brother was working out of town at the time. It wasn't too long before she was saying things like "I wish I had married you instead of your brother" and other crazy shit. Although it only happened once, we made out and fucked on her kitchen table. It was by far the best sex I've ever had, even though I felt guilty about it later.

  • Sisters in laws or any woman cheating for that matter need an "excuse" to let you get close to them and eventually let you fuck them... if they ever get caught well they will always have that "excuse" as their defence. My sister in law let me get close by telling herself that she needed somebody to talk to about her marriage problem, we talked a couple times and then I helped her by shoving my cock in her mouth and telling her she needed to taste my semen, the next time I told her to open those legs and show me how good she could fuck me... I think I helped her because shes still married and she never had to use her excuse lol

  • Did you continue fucking her? or it was just those 2 times?

  • I actually fucked her 3 times but whos counting lol... no we dont live in the same city so I havent seen her in person in months.... next time Im visiting I dont know, I kinda feel bad for her husband but if Im horny and kinda feel like shoving my cock in that pussy then Id look for the opportunity, pretty sure she will be open to it too ;)

  • Was her belly button really stinky before because I find regular showering is the best preventative measure here

  • That was just a wasn't stinky..although I didn't really pay much attention to her belly button before actually so.

  • Weird....but still makes me curious.

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