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I need advice please. So long story short, my husband and I had invited friends and family over for a party this past weekend. Most of us ended up extremely drunk and my brother in law and one of my husband's close friends ended up staying the night as they were all way too messed up to leave on their own. Unfortunately I don't have much details as to exactly what happened and how it happened. I also don't know if it was just alcohol involved or something else. All I can say for sure is that my husband and I completely passed out. When I came to (around 3:30am or so), it took me a second to realize that someone was fucking me. I eventually realized it was my brother in law. I immediately told him to stop and he did. I noticed my husband was completely passed out. I also noticed his friend, who was there and standing next to my brother in law and he had his pants down and penis out. I'm not sure if he had fucked me too or not. I could tell that they were both really out of it. Maybe high on something but was hard to tell, and I may have been high on something as well because I never felt like that before. They both ended up passed out as well shortly after. I fell back to sleep and in the morning we made no mention of anything. I have not mentioned anything to my husband about this and am not sure if I should or not. This is his brother and best friend, and clearly we weren't ourselves that night. At the same time, I don't know if this should go completely ignored. Please help!

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  • It's ok. They only fucked you....it's such a thrill to rape a passed out woman..they used you body and their cocks would of felt amazing for 3 days because of your sexy pussy...you have made 2 people happy...so its ok

  • Can I ask a few questions?

    Were you all passed out on the living room floor or something, or did they come into your bedroom?

    Were you already naked, or did they just pull your panties down?

    How do you know your husband did not drug you with the plan to let his brother and friend fuck you?

    If there was cum on your tits and you stopped your brother-in-law mid act (so I assume he did not finish), then wouldn't that have to be the best friend's load?

  • Trick them into admitting what they did, then send the messages to their wives or GF. Try like "let's talk about what we did, did you like it". They will answer back thinking they may get more. Lead them on till they say what they did. Keep the messages and forward them,

  • This isn't a bad idea, as long as they remember what they did. I'll have to think about doing this, thanks.

  • On the other hand was it good and was your pussy full and dripping cum??

  • Really? How could it be good if I didn't know it was happening? I had cum on my boobs but I don't think he came in me.

  • Kind of your fault for getting that drunk right I mean whatever happened to self accountability but I still wouldn't tell your husband for all you know he may have fucked one of your best friends

  • I'm pretty sure it was more than alcohol. I didn't drink that much and never felt like that before.

  • I would refrain from getting really drunk with these guys ever again.

  • Watch your beverages from now on so if you were slipped something it won't happen again.

  • Yeah I've thought about that too and will make sure I won't, or at least won't leave my drink unattended anymore.

  • You were raped girl. Tell your husband and go to the police

  • The problem with that is I don't know if I truly was because I can't account for anything that happened...

  • Still counts as rape.

  • I agree it technically "counts" as rape, but this would never hold up in court. It would create more misery for her if she reported it.

  • Are you attracted to either of them?

  • I mean, they are good looking guys if that's what you're asking...

  • Tell him tomorrow. Else the guilt will eat away at you

  • You got trained by two guys. You were passed out drunk, what did you expect to happen?

  • Not sure what this means but either way, thanks for nothing.

  • 1. Don't tell your husband.
    2. Don't bring it up to the guys (or their wives, if applicable). They were trashed and just wanted some pussy. Of course they wouldn't have done it that way sober. At minimum, they would have asked.
    3. Assume that both of them fucked you. Get a pregnancy test as well as one for STDs.

  • Not worried about pregnancy but already planned the STD test. Worried about what happens if I have something though...

  • Don't tell your husband. You are to uncertain of what really went on. For all you know maybe you were initiating it at first then passed out came back too and said stop which he did. Don't destroy a whole family when you're not sure what happened .

  • I've thought about this a lot. I have no idea what went on or how it started which is a big reason keeping me from saying anything.

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