Tested by wifes friend

I always told myself that if Cindy ever came on to me I would be on my knees in a second but I knew that day would never come so I had nothing to worry about. I really never thought it would then her husband got a new job and was traveling more than he was home, my wife and her are pretty close friends but us guys are pretty much just no each other. We have played a few rounds of golf together and cards when ever the wives organize something like it.
My wife asked me if I would not mind stopping by Cindy's house on the way home from work, something was not working with her water and her husband was out of town. I told her I should be able to get by there around six or a little before without a problem.
I showed up and she did not have any hot water so I started checking things out and for some reason the breaker was tripped. I reset it and waited until I heard the familiar sounds of a water heater going and told her to give me a call if it goes off again showing her which breaker she would have to reset, but I told her if it goes off again they probably needed some repair. Sure enough before bed time the breaker tripped again so I told her that lucky for you tomorrow is Saturday so maybe I can save you guys some money and just change out the heating elements.
I went over, got some new elements, came back and installed them. She was telling me the whole time that I was doing way to much work for them and she was going to pay me, told her no way on the money but if this did not work then we would need to find a repair man to come over and look at it.
I turned it on and things seemed to be going okay but told her that I would come back by in about two hours to check it out and see. I returned and she did not answer the door right away so I texted her, she told me she was on her way home but the spare key was in a fake rock to my right, let myself in and check it out.
I was standing next to the water heater after running some water at the tap, everything sounded fine, no tripped breaker, hot water. I was just about to wrap it up when I heard her coming down the stairs to the basement. She was wearing workout clothes that fit her body like paint and when she hit the cool air of the basement her nipples stood on end. I told her that everything looked fine and she told me great, I could not help looking at her nipples but was doing my best not to stare. She smiled at me and looked down telling me that she thought it was a little cool down here and making fun of her own nipples poking the material out. I was amazed at her comment because we had never really flirted like this or anything before so I was surprised. She then really got forward and asked if I wanted to touch them or better yet she said how about suck on them.
I was now faced with a real dilemma, a woman who I fantasized about was just throwing herself at me and there was no way that I could go thru with it because I was married and had not cheated on my wife ever. Sure I talked about it all the time seeing women who were hot as hell wishing she would strip naked for me or sit on my face but that was it, just fantasy. I told her that it would certainly be a dream come true for me and I would enjoy every second of roaming your body but those things never work out well for married people. We laughed a little more and she told me my wife was a lucky woman to have me as her husband.
Later that night I was in bed and reading or something and when my wife came to bed she took off all her clothes but did not put on any pajama's. It was then I noticed that the bedroom door was closed as well. I started reaching out to play with her nipples and she told me to just lay back and enjoy as she began pulling the covers down and then my shorts. She sucked me slowly and for a long time before she went crazy sucking me wildly. I came with a great orgasm then she slid up and pulled the pillows out from behind my head, I love it when she sits on my face but she had not done it in quite some time. She rubbed herself on my face as I licked her to orgasm then we went to sleep. She came to bed the next night and put on pajamas but still slid over and gave me a great blow job. I was really glad to be getting another one so soon so I just made no comments and enjoyed it.
She still gives me a lot of blow jobs and a few times has even put the kids at her moms for a night and we have had some really hot sex with her on top of me most of the time giving me multiple orgasms over the session. I cannot help but wonder if Cindy said something to her or perhaps my wife put her up to it testing me because all of this renewed sex started after fixing the water heater and turning her down.

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  • Your a rock. If it were a test I would have failed miserably

  • "You're" not the way you spelled the word.

  • Well if your the grammar police on this board your going to be very busy 24/7
    with your self appointed duty.

  • I would have to think your wife knows something about it as well

  • You're a smart man. I ventured down that road with my sister in-law, and now she blackmails me for cash all the time

  • Do you still get sex from her though?

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