Husband thought I was passed out

I had been having a really great time at our party and people started to leave so it was getting down to the last few people which were just a few of his friends. I told my husband that I was really feeling tired and he gave me another a shot and told me to sleep well. I was pretty buzzed when I hit the bed but I could hear vehicles leaving so I figured he would be coming to bed soon. I was already naked so I pulled the covers off of me exposing myself from just below my boobs. I laid there waiting to see what he would do if I did not respond to him.
He came in and got undressed, he talked to me and asked if I was sleeping, I just laid there not answering him at all. I felt his fingers go across my ribs and up to my nipples and it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be to not move. I then felt his tongue on my nipples, licking and sucking on them while he slid his hand down to my legs. He was trying to get me aroused even though I was not responding at all to his touches. He stopped after a few minutes then said well I guess she is really passed out good. He still played with my nipples a little bit then I felt the bed moving around some more and could not believe it but I started feeling his cock pushing on my lips. I relaxed everything I could around my mouth letting him push it in but how in the hell do you relax your tongue, I tried to just keep it straight but his cock was pushing it all over. I was laying there thinking there is no way he will cum in my mouth with me just passed out and I was prepared to start swallowing if he started to do it. He pulled out after a few minutes and I heard him stroking his cock then felt warm sperm landing on my chest, he started rubbing my nipples with the end of his cock. I thought great, now what is he going to do with all of that mess, just let it dry on my skin. I soon felt him rubbing it off with his shirt or something anyways and I decided that the practical joke was over.
I opened my eyes and scared the crap out of him when I shouted did you think I was passed out or something, thanks for pulling it out and not letting me choke on it. He really jumped but then saw I was smiling about it and thought it was funny that he just had to get off on me, he was laughing then I told him to get his face between my legs and lick me, I really need an orgasm. He told me that I was one cool chick to pull something like that and I told him he was an asshole for taking advantage of me passed out. I would never want any guy to just take advantage of a woman but we are married and we do stupid sexual stuff all the time so I was not honestly mad at him or anything.


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  • Happened to me at a party when I was younger too, passed out but when I woke up no panties wet and sore.

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  • Glad to read that he was nice enough to not orgasm in your mouth. I passed out from drinking way more than I realized, my husband and probably two of his friends left me with sperm everywhere. He swore the next morning that it was just him cumming multiple times but I doubt it.

  • When she’s passed out drunk that’s anal time.

  • Exactly!

  • Wish my husband would do this

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