Very sexual wife

My wife is a very sexual woman and I hate to say it but she has always been the idea person when it comes to our sex life. I guess about five years ago now she showed me some bondage photos she saved while looking for things she wanted to try, I know most of you are saying bullshit to yourself right now but believe me she does this all the time. We had not tried bondage before and I was certainly game to tying her up and playing with her. Well I had never really found her boundary, she never told me to stop doing anything and after this last round I am amazed at her sexual ability.
I tied her up with her hands behind her back and a rope wrapped in her pony tail but there was nothing under her from the hips up so she either had to hold herself up using her back muscles or pull her hair. She was blindfolded and had no clue that right under her nipples was going to be a board with thumb tacks glued to it sticking up. She is a mover when stimulated and I knew it would be hard for her to stay up and her nipples would get poked. I started in on her clit with the vibe and she started moving around and I could see the tension in the hair rope getting tighter, soon her back began to arch then suddenly she jerked up with a little squeal. She whined a little bit but I kept going and soon she was going down again and this time I leaned down to watch as the tacks poked on her nipples. She went up again but was soon back down again and this time a few of them sank into her nipples pretty good. She held there using the pony tail but the movement side to side was what was getting her, she had not broke the skin at all but they were definitely making marks into her skin. I gave her a break by cupping her breasts in my hands and lifting her up a bit then after a few minutes I started easing up again, she moaned out and started having an orgasm which started her nipples bouncing all over the place on the tacks. She was moaning and squealing at the same time and I watched as her nipples got poked over and over but still no real jabs into them. She kept it up for a few more minutes then told me I had to get rid of whatever was under her boobs. I slid it out and then tied her just under her breasts and up to the ring to give her some support. I looked under her and saw a few little spots where the tacks had pricked her but nothing major and I was amazed she lasted as long as she did with them. When I was done with her orgasms I took off the blindfold and walked around to get a blow job from her, she looked around then asked me what I had under her in the beginning. I reached around and grabbed the board, I slid it under her and she looked down at her nipples hanging a few inches above the tacks. I started to slid them out and she told to leave it there and untie her chest again. I felt my cock get harder just hearing her say it, she started sucking on me and soon her nipples were going back down onto the tacks, she moaned out but kept on sucking me. She never quit until I came then she looked down at how pressed into the tacks her breasts were and lifted herself back up, I slid the board out then undid her hair and lifted her up. Her breasts and nipples had numerous prick marks on them and she told me it was both pleasure and pain but she liked it.

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  • Bullshit, you're a sadist and she is just a victim.

  • I keep reading this over. As hot as this reads, it's the peg board that gets me going when she presses into in deliberately mmmmmmm

  • Enjoy what ever turns you two on. If you like doing something, do it.

  • Try making her a tack bra.

  • That's sounds so very hot. I would like to see a picture of that if you have any ?

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