My wife told me this one evening when I got home from work . That she was ironing her blouse for work that morning she was fully dressed all but her top she was in her bra , When all of a sudden she had a pair of hands holding her waist and her neck was being kissed . She said the hands moved up squeezing her boobs , She also said to me you know how I like my neck being kissed it really turns me on, My wife said the only words spoken was from her , She said keep doing that and you can do anything you want to me , Then her bra was undone and pushed off her Shoulders then it dropped to the floor , At this stage she said she was loving her nipples being played with and squeezed , And then she turned to kiss me or so she thought but it was are next door neighbour ,My wife said she screamed and told him to get out What the ,F - - - do you think you are doing , My wife said he just laughed and said you enjoyed that just has much has i did , Anyway your nipples are erect it was turning you on , My wife said to him I thought it was my husband that's why I was enjoying it not you that's disgusting get out now , He said we was both enjoying it lets carry on whos going to know just us , My wife told him to get out never to get near her again and that she his going to tell me . He said ok if you want but we should keep this between us that way if you ever fancy some fun it's on your door step. My wife has said now it's probably best not say anything it will make a bad atmosphere between all of he , Lets just make out it never happened , I dont know if I can the thought of him touching my wife and trying to talk her into having sex with him . What should I do ? Or what would you do?

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  • You live in llanbradach south Wales school st

  • No why do you think that

  • Personally I would not have to think about it. We would be neighbors with a bagless cripple 30 seconds after she told me.

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