Fingered at a bar

So last night l went out with my hubby and wore a skirt without panties. l walked around and told people, both men and women, l didn’t have panties on and asked if they wanted to finger my pussy or ass. l asked seven. people and every single one did. Two gave me orgasms, and they were women. It was hot. One of the women had my stomach pushed up against the bar and was fingering me hard so l squirted for the first time ever and it dripped all down my legs. The bartender knew what was going on and he saw my tits and gave me a free drink and said l had nice nipples. The women was probably 55 years old. Afterwards l went to the bathroom to clean up and she followed me and told me not to clean it. She had me to into the stall and she licked my pussy and at the same time she pinched and pulled my nipples. My gosh I’ve never done anything like that before and it was amazing. She gave me another orgasm. l asked if l could see her pussy because l was so horny and she let me and l licked it and stuck my fingers in her and then ate her and she came. Girl cum is so much sweeter than guy come. Best night ever. We are so doing that again!

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  • Did your husband know?

  • Yeah I told him about the bathroom and he knew about the other stuff too. It was really incredible.

  • My gosh

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