My wife

When my wife starts drinking she does not stop until she is on the floor. I try to keep her going as long as possible but sometimes she consumes to much to fast and is out cold. I love to play with her in this state because almost always she never remembers anything and she will do anything I ask her to do. She will masturbate with her fingers, objects I give her, regular sex toys. She will let me do anything so far and I never go to far with her that I think she will not like it. I asked her to pull on her nipples as hard as she likes them pulled and was amazed at how much she abused them. She had her nipples pulled out two inches from her breast and twisted them around telling me she loved it. When she was done I reached out and pulled on them about the same way she did and was amazed at her resilience. Even after she passes out sometimes I just continue playing with her trying to make her orgasm or just caress her body. She will remain wet for hours while I lick her sweetness, fingering her as she just lays there, sometimes she moans a little bit but most of the time she is out.

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  • I like to get my wife drunk and let other men use her.

  • You should get some more dick for her too

  • My wife occasionally gets drunk to the point I have to tell her what we did the next day. I've always wanted to take advantage of those times but I can not tell when it's going to be a blackout drunk or not. She has amazing self control not to do anything kinky she would do on the norm. Damn it!

  • I do this to my wife, it’s got really rough the last few times.
    I was fingering her ass and doing her pussy getting ready to switch to her ass and she said “you’re so mean!” in a sexy voice. I stuck it in her ass and start really going hard and fast, and she kept saying “you’re so mean to me baby” then she said “slap me” and I slapped her gently on her cheek, she said “slap me hard! You’re mean to me!” And I open hand slapped her harder and she smiled and said “you’re mean baby!” And I slapped her other cheek, then back and forth each cheek I slapped her harder and harder, her face was reddening and she’d keep saying “you’re mean baby! Be mean to me” and I kept slapping her. I would slap her so hard her head would switch directions with each slap, left then to the right then back to the left. Her face looked really red, so I switched to her tits and started slapping them one at a time hard from the side.
    I came in her ass and then shoved my cock on her mouth and told her to clean it, she did and said “you’re so mean baby... thank you”

  • Yeah, time to DP her with a buddy

  • Time to call your friends, turn the whore out

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