Teacher after school

When i was at school i was not very clever so my parents got me a tutor after school i would go to her house i was 16 she was 50 plus and looked old. She had a room in her house were she would help people like me get better at school it never helped me out but i went there for 4 years and it was for other than that my parents thought it would help me it dod in one way but not how they thought i had been going for a couple of months when one day i was there and she seemed upset i was are you ok miss yeah she said i looked at her top it was open and i could see her boobs i said so is any one in to day no she said they are away or ok so have you been up to much it been a nice day today just been in the garden sun bathing why you ask no reason i said ok i dropped my pen went to get it and noticed she had a rip in her dress we went to get a drink and she tripped i picked her up and took her to the next room where there was a couch i said you have ripped your dress i know i just fell over i said it was ripped befor that she said look it a hot day lets go in the garden and do this it will be a nice change ok i just wanted to try and see more of her naugjty and dirty minded i was picturing her not weari g her cloths well we were sat there talking she was starting to get hot and bothered i said miss just slip of your top get comfi am here to teach you not caych the sun daid i will not tell if you dont ok and she pulled of her blouse and dress she was wearing a bra but it wernt on proply i wAS in shorts any way we got on realy well she said so do you do sex ed at school no o said dont think they would explain it in a way i would understand she said what you meen i said well you no i should like young girls yes that normal i said well i dont she eas so you like boys then i was i hard to explain look dont be shy i said the thing is i said look at this and got my cock out she said nothing wrong there i will say realy i said yes big hard spitting and that not wrong no she said apart from why are you hard you like boys no miss that what you said i like you i have nicked your underwear and right now this hard cock is wanting you but am so old i said miss i want you as i was talking to her her bra came undone i said it looks like you like it rough sorry she said scratches bite marks all over them boobs i must say i like you o want you fuck it i leaned in and kissed her she didnt stop me i touched her spread her legs ripped of her knickers and i was in her she was so wet she whispered to me i have wanted you for so long me to i said

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  • You are an illiterate piece of shit. You can not even spell the word "I".

  • That is one gigantic sentence ! I guess she didn't bother teaching punctuation.

  • This guy wrote the other 2 stories further down. Same stupid illiterate writing.

  • I can see she didn't teach you much especially writing or spelling, BULLSHIT STORY

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