I use to stay in a flat and a 18-year-old girl living next to me well one day i was chilling having little smoke and there was a knock at the door and it was her i said come in and as only got dressing gound on i go get dressed she said dont worrie you all coved then see i was smoking but then if let me have some smoke i soon change that and hope let me give you good blow job well i did like the girl and said well wellcome have smoke but dont have give bj for it so we sat chatted watching tv when she droped her lighter on the floor and got down on her knees to look for it and she pushed my legs apart saying might be here and then said o no its not but found something i like and if dont mind movrd coser and started sucking me and i had wanted for so long as liked her and i said dont swollow i like suck her to and if want maybe we can do more but she sucked and there was a knock at the door so she looked up said put them of and sucked hard and made me come and sat back on char i went door and was another girl who come in and said ok what took so long looked at other girl and said did you leave anything left in him she smiled said i got mouth full so other friend moved over to her and said kiss me and let me have some and then they said lets tease him see if can get more and they walked bedroom and striped started playing each other and new girl said you must been having fun you so wet i said is that right and they said best go do down on her and give her what she gave you and i help playing with her boobs nipples and reached down spreading her pussy wide so i could lick good then she said lie on side and we suck each in trinagle and soon i had hard cock and asked who like me and girl who come round and disturbed us said best let her have as she sucked you of and i want watch and we will kiss fondel boobs etc and i rubb myself watching and that what we did and was good sunday afternoon

10 months ago

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    • We might respond if we knew what you said.

    • Do you even English?

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