I met another guy on Craigslist to get a blowjob. I went over to his place and as we talked about, I walked in and back to his bedroom. I could hear him watching porn. I was nervous but I couldn't go back now. I walked in and he stopped jerking off. His penis throbbed from how hard he was. He told me to take my clothes off, they got caught just a bit on my boner. Then he told me to come suck his cock. That's not how this was supposed to go. I was taken aback but I felt like I had to or it wouldn't be a good thing. He knew I was scared and nervous but he put his penis in my face and I started sucking it. I already tasted precum. He grabbed my hair and guided me. The porn he had on was a sissy trainer, telling me to suck cock. They had a countdown as one woman told me I like cock and the other woman telling me to resist. She said "don't let him cum in your mouth." It didn't hit me til then that the more I blow him, the closer he gets to cumming. I felt him get a little bigger and I thought no way I'm gonna let him. I need to turn this into him cumming somewhere safe. I thought as I sucked. I heard "one" and he started cumming on zero. Both women said "it's too late now you have to swallow" and I did. I didn't know what I was doing til he was done. It didn't register that he was cumming in my mouth. Only after his cock left my lips did I realize I just drank his semen. My mouth tasted like cum and I smelled like his dick. I felt really ashamed but I was hard. I was confused. Why was I horny and ashamed at the same time? I didn't know what was going on with me. I looked up at him and he smiled, I'm sure my face was beet red from embarrassment. He asked me how his cum tastes and he laughed. I grabbed my clothes, got dressed in the hall and left. I just got tricked thinking I was getting a blowjob but instead, I had to give him one. Is it because I was dominated by another person that I got hard like that? Or was it just cuz of the porn that was on?

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  • Had never done anything with another male ever married and divorced in my 30's. Always had a thing for watching porn with huge cocks fucking tiny girls. Nothing but yet a sudden desire to give a hung guy a blow job and maybe explore a bit more. Getting online membership to cam on a sexline was new. First hooked up with a few girl's and got brave one night and started caming with guys. I started caming with a 10" long very thick cock complimented his cock. We jacked off online and set up a meet he was allot taller only 18 yrs old very very skinny 145 lbs at 6'5" to my 5'7" and 170lbs to give contrast. His cock limp was over 7" and very thick I had asked him to be dominant. He said get on your knees old man and suck a real cock. I was choking he was getting my hair forcing his cock down my throat. Not more than 3 minutes his cock was over 10" long I passed out choking. Waking up to him slapping me awake get up you little cock sucker. I was nude now he had stripped me naked his huge hand gripped twisting my cock and balls. I was 11 yrs old when my cock was this tiny he said laughing. When I tried to move he squeezed and twist holding me down. He said your teeth touch my shift I'll knock you out and fuck your little asshole. He then laugh saying it wouldn't be little when I get done with it either. Your daughter is 8 yrs old he asked we had talked about my family online before. I said yes as he started stroking my cock till it got hard I was now stroking his cock as well.

  • He told me to imagine my daughter sacking both our cocks next to each other what she would be thinking. I almost cam as I said what my mind was thing she would wonder why a teen boy had a cock so much bigger. He laughed saying that was exactly what she would think. Imagine sticking your little pick inside her fucking her nice and hard till she cam. My mind imagined just that in detail as he was suckling my cock I suddenly cam. You would fuck your daughter wouldn't you he said laughing. In a heart beat if I could get away with it he squeezed every drop of cum out of my cock it hurt as he did. I felt the tip of his cock shoved up my as I tried to get away but that skinny kid was much stronger. I tried to shove and hit him my face hurt and I realized he had knocked me out my eyes was swollen. He had a scratch by his eye he was all the way up my ass. The pain hurt so much you fucking scratched my ass fucker he was pounding my asshole hard. I was to weak to stop him I said I was sorry for hitting him. He asked what my daughter would thick with his cock up her can't compared to mine. As the pleasure of his meaty cock took over I imagined she would be feeling allot more pleasure I told him. He smiled saying yes she would he asked me what size cock she needed up her pussy. I said big cock big cock he plunged my ass harder saying how big. She needs a thick 10" cock at least just like yours he took me that moment hard. I collapsed and absorbed to punishment he was taking out on my asshole. He finally cam up inside my ass deep and laid there telling me to imagine his cock inside my daughter pussy. I laid there as he got hard again imagining very vividly the two fucking. After he asked of he did good I told him that was amazing he said thanks. I gave him $200

  • Kinda the way it happened to me till he started in playing with my ass shoving his thick finger deep making me squirm as he did it more and more to me. Then he started in talking asking if I ever had a cock in my ass and I told him no but thought of it from time to time. He put a tape in the player and it was porn about a guy fucking another in his ass as he started in playing with my ass more and more and yes it turned me on and soon I was accepting his cock in me deep and man did he ever fuck me good cumming in me twice over a 2 hour period and man did I ever cum as he was fucking me.
    For the next few days he must have fucked me 10 times and I loved it and he'd take me when he wanted me even if I wasn't to willing at the time, but when he started in teasing I soon became his and I loved the feeling he gave me soon it became a daily thing and later became his fuck buddy and he shared me with several of his friends and I let them all have their way with me sucking and fucked. I loved getting fucked feeling their cocks going deep into my ass feeling them cum inside of me was the best feelings I ever have.

  • Yeppers you like COCK .... sorry that other comment was correct.

  • No it's because you like cock. Now that you've swallowed his cum, you'll crave more cum. Next time you go there, and you will go there again, he will fuck you in your ass and you will love when or pumps cum deep inside you! That's why you got hard, you love cock!

  • My 57 year old neighbor fucked my ass and filled me with his cum now I am his to fuck me as much as he wants me whenever he wants me which seem like all day long till it's time for my husband to gets home from work.
    Guess he loves my tight ass for he seldom fucks my pussy mostly my ass and strangely enough I won't let my husband fuck my ass even tho he's tried.

  • I don't think so.

  • It's ok that you love hard in your mouth. It's ok that you like the taste of cum. It's ok that you like that big hard pumping cum down tour throat. Just enjoy being on your knees sucking his dick!

  • It was just a weird situation and the woman's voice was messing with me

  • You have to be careful, that was super unsafe.

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