I want my aunt Margaret

Since I was a teen, I fancied older women. One woman I saw regularly was my Indian aunt Margaret, who is in her 60s now. Divorced for a long time and hasn't had a man since, I think. Good thing she doesn't look like my mom. Every time I see her, I get turned on. She's got short shoulder length hair, a pretty face such beautiful thick kissable lips. She's now a bbw. Makes me want to fuck her more. She's got more to hold and touch. Would love to squeeze her bulging belly. I want to kiss those sexy lips. I love it when she wears leggings so tight against her sexy thighs which aren't to fat. Or with a tight blouse, showing her sexy curves. Once as a teenager, I walked pass her room, the door was slightly opened, she had lifted up her blouse just below her bra and adjusted her girdle around her waist. She saw me look and smiled. Etched in my memory forever.

One time recently during christmas, she wore a black floral flowy blouse which was translucent and I could admire every curve of that sexy body. Took me by surprise to see her in it. I could see her cream coloured bra. She doesn't have big tits but she still looked so sexy. The part of her that turned me on was her lips. She wasn't very conservative with her language and it turned me on whenever she said 'fuck' this or 'fuck' that. Made me feel like she could be a real dirty mouth slut in bed. I would love her to just tell me what to do or even let me dominate her.

I loved receiving texts from her in the mornings, where she would tell me to have have a good morning bla bla... but I would reply with a kiss emoji. She began to reply that way too, always saying 'Good morning sexy' to which she would reply with a smiley. I remember one conversation we had where she was about to get ready for a trip and I told her to bring something nice. I told her to 'wear that sexy translucent floral top'. Well, I thought fuck it. She said I was naughty and I replied I have always been so. Her reply was, "i'm your aunt, hahaha' to which I said, oh but you are a cool aunt. Well that was as far as it went.

I remember one time, creating a alternative fb account and added her as a friend and we chatted. She didn't say much but I told her how sexy she was and she replied that I must've have gotten the wrong person. I sent her a dick pic... and could see that she had viewed it, expecting to be defriended. But she didn't. Was so turned on that she had seen my hard cock. Wonder if she knew it was me. I told her how sexy she was many times, even to the point that she had small tits but was still super sexy. She just laughed. I asked her what kind of panties she wore and she said 'normal ones' and didn't want to elaborate. She stopped responding after awhile. I heard that got sick and probably didn't feel so horny or something. So I closed the account. But I know she has seen my hard cock, wonder if she played with herself to it.

One time we were squeezed on a sofa next to each other at a family gathering. Was so turned on feeling the sides of her pressed against mine. She was sat slightly forward, so my hand was behind her pressed against her ass, she knew it and didn't move which turned me on more, I made sure she felt it but moving it occasionally. Was trying to hide my hard on....as she got up and this surprised me, she placed her hand on my thigh, squeezed it and ran it all the way down to my ankle, pretending that it was to help herself up, I saw a surprised look from my mom who noticed it to be strange that she did that. Felt like a deliberate touch and I loved it. Naturally during the family pic session I made sure we were squeezed next to each other, her arm was over my shoulder in a way my arm was pressed against her boob. nice.

Hope to press myself against her kiss her one day and tell her how much I want to fuck her sexy body. I want to fuck you Aunt Margaret.

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