I need to confess

Friday was our anniversary 8 years of marriage. My husband took me out for a nice dinner,then drinks and even some dancing. We both started drinking heavily when we met up with some old friends. Eventually it got late and everyone left. My husband was a drunken mess and I wasn't far behind so there was no way to drive home. I called my best friend Dianne to come over and pick us up. She moaned and bitched a little because how far away we were. Some time later I seen her mini van pull up , my husband was almost passed out leaning on the wall outside the club. Her husband got out to my surprise. He grabbed Cameron ( my husband ) and put him in the back seat of the mini van. I got in the front and her husband Jim got in the driver's seat. I immediately realized he was wearing PJ's and the fly was gaped open. I could see part of his dick , I couldn't stop staring. I also noticed he was looking me up and down , probably because of my sexy little outfit I had just bought for our anniversary. We started driving but got stuck behind an accident just before the on ramp. my husband was snoring so loud I laughed and undid my seat belt turned around to try to make him more comfortable. Jim touched the back of my thigh which sent shivers up my spine. When I turned to him he said that he thought a piece of paper was stuck to me and he just pulled it off. But I could see that he was getting very excited , and that he was almost poking out through the fly opening in his PJ's. I suppose it's my fault for being a tease from there , I was adjusting my top and moving around my seat. he finally said put your seat belt on I got on my knees facing him got really close to his face and said make me. I looked down and his dick was standing straight up through the whole. I went down and started sucking him , he reached back and was rubbing my ass through my skirt. All of a sudden his body tensed and he was cumming in my mouth. After I sat back down and a few minutes we were at my house. He only said wow when he was done, but after he helped me get my husband into the house and bed he was all over me , we started to actually have sex on the floor in the bedroom right were my husband was sleeping , then we moved the rec room where we had sex two more times , until my friend called to ask where her husband was. I said he was a huge help getting my husband to bed and he should be home soon.

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  • This is a very arousing confession thank you for sharing it.

  • I might be ok if my wife did this. I sort of wish my wife was a slut. I had a girlfriend that was and I hated her for it but she fucked so well that I took it for years. I still hate her. She's a cunt. Great sex though. I'd never want to hate my wife though

  • I need to meet you ;)

  • I have enough of a problem going on

  • Your a slut

  • I know this thanks

  • My cousin called me for a ride once, same situation, but they were both wasted, I got them both into the house, but I took his wife to the bedroom first, and she thought I was her husband, and started kissing, we had sex, she was saying my cousins name the whole time, but it was great. Then she passed out. I used her finger and unlocked her phone, sent myself all her dirty nudes, and yes I deleted it. Before leaving I took my cousin to the bedroom and left him on the floor

  • So you raped your cousin's wife? Asshole.

  • Great story and really hot you blowing him in the car. Don't feel bad skit happens.

  • I see that you have an open mind thanks for the positive response

  • How did your friends pussy taste?? I would think he fucked her before picking you up.

  • Let's think about this. You sucked and fucked your friends hubby on a night out celebrating your own wedding anniversary. Yup yup I got it now.

    Damn that is low down.

  • Captain obvious. 👆🏿 Sounded really hot.

  • I know that and that's why I confessed.

  • Nice! Funny how its always women bitching about men cheating when in reality women cheat all the time. I guess eight years of marriage meant nothing to you .

  • They both do it :)

  • Do you intend carrying on the relationship or would you just prefer it to be forgotten ?

  • Well unfortunately it has continued quite extensively

  • Your hooked Baby, have a great time but don't get caught "that's the tricky bit Honey " you both could really stuff two marriages and end up miserable

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